The Myths About Disposable Pods That Require Clarification

Disposable pods are like e-cigarettes but are thin, smaller and more distinct. The pods have a tank, also called the chamber where the juice is; it also has an atomizer and heating element. In recent years the innovations have made it possible to have less harmful products like Strawberry Disposable Pod (2000 Puffs), which are not as dangerous as traditional cigarettes.

Certain myths are associated with disposable pods that need clarification so that we all can use those without any hesitations.

They are no better than regular cigarettes

Disposable pods indeed contain nicotine; however, the content is much lower than that in regular cigarettes. Moreover, cigarettes are more harmful as tobacco has many other additives and chemicals, including tar, arsenic, lead, and carbon monoxide making the cigarette dangerous.

Disposable pods are dangerous as they can explode.

If one uses the disposable pods according to the manufacturer’s direction, there is no possibility of exploding. However, if you alter the e-juice or use batteries that are not suitable for the pod, accidents can happen.

It is best to buy disposable pods of reputed make and from a store where you can have replacement parts.

Soon disposable pods will become illegal

This is by no means true. There are no upcoming legislations or intention to formulate any such to make the disposable pods illegal. So, in the near future, there is no possibility that disposable pods will be unlawful.


Disposable pods do not disclose the ingredients

If you notice that a disposable pod manufacturer does not disclose the ingredients, it is best to avoid buying such. If you buy disposable pods made by California Grown E-Liquids, you can be confident that you will know the ingredients. Like in the Strawberry Disposable Pod (2000 Puffs) made by them, you will see that it contains strawberry, the nicotine level is 5% and VG/PG ratio is 50/50.

Disposable pods can cause cancer

No one can place a scientific statement in favor of this myth that surrounds disposable pods. The e-juice in disposable pods does have tobacco and so is free from 7,000 different chemicals, 69 of which are carcinogenic. In 2015, Public Health England established that it is 95% safer to smoke disposable pods than smoking a cigarette.

Disposable pods are costlier than cigarettes

This is another misconception floating in the air regarding disposable pods. The cost depends on the use of the pod. If a person smokes five cigarette packets, the cost incurred will be much higher than smoking a pod. Moreover, pods of reputed make competitively priced, making them affordable.

It is not that all can buy disposable pods. The person needs to attain an age of 18 or 19 to buy such a product. However, if you are of that age and desire to purchase disposable pods or other online vape juice, it is best to buy from Ejuice Store. They make it possible to purchase such products of reputed make at an affordable price. Mail them at SUPPORT@EJUICESTORE.COM to place your order.

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