The Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

Do you believe your garage door isn’t working correctly? It could be due to a faulty garage door opener! It’s possible as most home or business owners have had the same garage door opener since they constructed their homes. Is it time for upgrading a garage door opener? If it is a concern in your property, learn a few things about the benefits of upgrading the existing garage door opener.

Concerns about safety

Did you realize that tech-savvy burglars may hack even an old garage door opener? This is because older doors aren’t equipped with the latest safety technology. For example, the newer garage door has rolling codes that make it harder for burglars to crack. In addition, the regulations in new openers vary every time the door is opened. Are you concerned about your safety and don’t want your belongings or family jeopardized? Please don’t wait until it’s too late to call a garage door repair service in Gaithersburg, MD. They will assist you in learning more about the most recent safety features.

Noisy operations

The older your garage door opener is, the more noise it will make. Late-model garage door openers are quiet and do not cause your doors to slam shut. Unfortunately, all that rattling becomes more than an annoyance after a while. It’s one of the most common causes of garage door troubles in Gaithersburg, MD. Therefore, upgrading to a new opener is frequently a win-win situation, as it provides silent operation while protecting your garage doors from costly problems.


Several fascinating, sophisticated technology features are available on newer garage door openers. First, it will take time to break in. Smart garage door openers have an inbuilt video security feature that lets you see what’s going on. Even if the robber does get into your home, the footage from the video feed is an excellent tool for the security department to locate the criminals. You can check if the garage doors are closed on your smartphone or tablet. Another function allows you to close the door even if it is open.

Inspection before installation

Make sure to get your garage doors inspected once you decide to upgrade your garage door opener. Don’t install a new garage door opener that has prior issues. When springs pop or tracks are damaged, these problems make it difficult for any garage door opener to work. It could also cause damage to your new opener. Replace the other damaged mechanical moving parts before installing the garage door opener.


When you’re ready to install a garage door opener, work closely with your garage door company to find the best opener for the brand and type of garage door you have. Contact BWI Garage Doors at +1 888-388-1847 to schedule an appointment with a professional garage door repair for the opener, garage door spring, and other garage door services. They will be happy to respond to you!

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