The Uniqueness Of Azilal Rug That Makes It One To Purchase

Azilal rugs have their name after the sloping regions where their productions happen, about 180 kilometers from Marrakech. It is in regular day-to-day existence that the innate women of this district offer life to their hereditary conventions by weaving this Berber rug.

This rug’s notoriety has gone past this precarious district of the Moroccan High Atlas and has gotten a mainstream option in contrast to the more notable Beni Ourain carpets. The Azilal rug that you can have from us at WeBerber has a strong connection with the utilization of native patterns and shading palettes.

The weaving procedures for the rug have passed from family to family and age to age for quite a while, as per the solid cultural conventions of the Azilal.

The manufacture of the Azilal rugs

Moroccan Azilal rugs join the brilliant shades of Boucherouite rug and the realistic examples of Beni Ourain mat. The weaving methods are somewhat not quite the same as those used to create the Beni Ourain carpet. The weaver should initially work the virgin wool and then again play out a tied line and a couple of meshed lines. This makes shorter velvet-like carpet that welcomes individuals to set down to peruse for quite a long time on its delicate and agreeable strands.

You can have Azilal carpets in different hues, presented with either colored wool or hued cotton threads. The base of a mat is frequently white or cream regarding the regular shade of the wool, this normal tint offers genuineness to this gem of Moroccan artistry. The significance of the patterns that embellish the floor covering may speak to the gentility of Berber women and the historical backdrop of the clan and its custom.

Reasons to pick Azilal rug

Only made by the region’s skilled women, these mats are conceptual works of art that include a rural and ethnic touch to your home. The delicate quality, plan and shades of this Berber mat carry vintage joy to any space and praise other inside embellishment styles, for example, vintage structure or contemporary. On the off chance that we sum up the highlights, at that point we can say the accompanying:

  • Azilal floor coverings are the most esteemed carpets in Morocco. The production happens using the best wool.
  • Each piece you take is the only piece, unique. These floor coverings are extravagant and ideal for any room and stylistic theme.
  • Yet you will have the fulfillment of realizing your mat is genuinely one of a kind.
  • Our Azilal rug is artisan created and no two are similar.

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