Tips & Tricks to Make the Most of Your Disposable Vape Pod

Vaping has been likened to smoking, but there are some important differences that can make vaping more enjoyable for you. Many modern e-cig devices, such as the latest pod systems, have features designed with ease of use in mind. While most of the pod systems available today are user-friendly, there’re some tips and tricks vapers need to know to get the most out of your device.


You’ll get more vapor if you inhale gently:

Most pod devices rely on airflow sensors to generate vapour automatically when you take a draw. That means it’s important to learn the correct inhalation technique if you’re using a device with an airflow sensor (as opposed to one that uses a manual button).

 A misconception exists that you can get bigger and more satisfying vapor clouds when you take stronger draws on your vape device. This is not true with all devices and definitely not true with pod systems. The truth is that too much air pressure can create all sorts of problems, especially if you’re using a small device like a pod system. If you use too much air pressure, the device will spit e-juice into your mouth or leak out of the bottom. Therefore, when you have an automated pod kit, only use as much air pressure as needed to activate the light indicator on your device.

When filling your vape pod, always leave some room:

When you’re refilling a refillable pod device, it’s important to leave some room at the top of the pod. This will prevent e-juice from being pushed out when you replace the rubber or silicone stopper. Plus, leaving an air pocket in your pod creates an internal vacuum—which helps prevent leaking!

To get a stronger hit, cover your pod’s vent:

If you inhale on your pod device and feel like the draw is weak and airy, try adjusting the airflow. Alternatively, cover the air intake vent with your finger while taking a hit. This will reduce airflow, increasing pressure (and therefore warmth) in the vapour.

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