Top DIY Vape Juice Making Mistakes You Must Avoid

DIY vaping is massively rewarding, as it lets the vapers to be creative, save money and exercise control over their vaping destiny. But the process of making vape juice inevitably needs trial & error, and so mistakes early on are difficult to avoid.

Here are some common DIY vape juice errors that you need to avoid making:

DIY vapers who look to save money may opt for cheap ingredients, assuming that they don’t really make that much of a difference. But the fact is that your PG, VG and flavourings all have to be best in quality to make you happy with your vape.

Making a huge batch of an untested flavour:

It is pretty usual for a new DIY vaper to make a large batch of vape juice from scratch right off the bat, expecting having many weeks’ worth of vape liquid ready to go. But this isn’t advocated. When you are first getting started, there’re several variables that determine how contended you will be with your DIY e-liquid. Henceforth, making a large batch could leave you with so many vape liquid that’s sub-standard, and not fulfilling your requirements.

Using excessive flavouring:

The more flavour, the better, right? Well, not necessarily. A very widespread mistake is increasing the amount of flavouring in a vape juice formula, since logic says it gives a stronger taste. But excessive flavouring can backfire. Mainly it can reduce the consistency of your e-juice, making it tough to vaporize. Also, excessively strong flavour can actually be unpalatable as it overwhelms your palate.

Being too ambitious with a flavour profile:

So many vapers who are new to DIY vaping get very ambitious while creating a flavour profile. As they’ve the skill to make any flavour profile that they wish, they always go for something complex instead of sticking to a simple flavour. Often, this backfire, because eventually we all find that adding excess elements to a flavour profile upshot in a murky and crushing taste that is actually unfriendly to the taste buds.

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