Top E Juice Flavours You Want To Check Out In Autumn

It looks like only yesterday we were sitting outdoors beneath the warm sun, relishing the peak of summer. But fall has arrived finally, and with it has come the darker nights, cooler temperatures and falling leaves.

Now that autumn is upon us, it is time explore the best vape juices out there:

Sweet Pipe Tobacco:

There is something special about rich & sweet pipe tobacco that makes us think about crisp fall evenings, as that affluent, fragrant flavour profile warms your soul. Sweet Pipe Tobacco is an e-liquid flavour with all that delicious complexity that typical vapers crave.

On your inhale, the smooth, crazy notes hit the spot & make your mouth to water. Then comes to action the gentle spices that intrigue the senses, followed by sensation sweetness that is never overpowering to the taste.

Caramel Apple:

If there one autumn pursuit that never gets old, it is going apple picking. And, not many flavours bring the happy fall memories like that of fresh apples dipped in gooey caramel. Caramel Apple is the perfect seasonal combo and it is certain to get your mouth watering.

On the inhale, the smooth, sweet and dreamy apple taste fills your senses. And on the exhale you will be treated to a stream of sticky, sugary caramel that get your sweet tooth into a state of euphoria.

Castle Long Vape Juice by Five Pawns

Castle Long Vape Juice by Five Pawns:

This vape was made with an exceptional more of toasted coconut e-juice flavouring. It also features toasted almonds to give a well-balanced mellow taste. Entrenched with Madagascar & French vanillas, Castle Long Vape Juice is mixed with caramelized brown sugar & then finished with the delicate essence of Kentucky bourbon for a genuinely unmatched vaping adventure. Order this best in class and premium vape juice from now!

Halloween Corn:

Halloween is just a few months away! Halloween Corn gives that same wonderful taste that you know & love. The savoury corn like taste takes over the taste once you draw the liquid into your mouth. When you are ready to exhale, you will be enthralled by the massive amount of sugary sweetness.

It’s time to embrace the cooler weather with the best vape juice out there. For all your e-juice and vaping supply needs, visit We brings you the best in class when it comes to e-liquid and associated supplies. Vapers can rely on our product quality anytime they purchase something from us.

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