Top Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation is a big financial commitment, so it is critical to ensure you’re happy with the end result so your hard-earned money doesn’t go waste. Sadly, most homeowners make mistakes during the remodeling process that leave them less than contented when the project is done. So, how you can get rid of making these mistakes? Here are some critical kitchen remodeling mistakes that you want to avoid when planning for a kitchen renovation in San Francisco Bay Area:

Kitchen Renovation


Not thinking about the workflow:

The sink, stove and refrigerator are the 3 busiest areas in any kitchen. These 3 features shouldn’t be positioned close to each other in your kitchen, or it’ll be impractical for multiple people to cook food at once. Rather, create a triangle with the sink, stove, and refrigerator so there’s adequate space for you to work proficiently in your new kitchen.

Not planning adequate storage:

You cannot just string up boxes. An excellent design tailors storage to fit stuff used in particular areas. And between open cabinets, storage, shelves, and more, there’re hundreds of diverse storage choices available. Also take into account the objective of the renovation. If you’re planning for a sleek look & pick glass door cabinets, keep the contents streamlined & unfussy as well.

Kitchen Remodeling San Francisco Bay Area


Making impulsive design decisions:

Materials can look significantly different than they do in your actual space. So, don’t commit to any important design element – like countertop or flooring materials – until you have brought the samples home to look at them in the space you are renovating. Also you may wish to consider checking the samples under lighting identical to what’ll be used in the new space.

Leaving appliance shopping for later:

This is a big mistake that you must avoid. Your interior designer would require the measurements to fit in your hob, hood, dishwasher, built-in oven and dishwasher. If you are installing your dryer and washing machine in your kitchen space, ensure you get their dimensions. If you’ve a juicer or coffee machine you wish to put inside an open cubby, get the dimensions so that the planned-for cubby size is large enough.

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