Top Three Bathroom Remodeling Trends Of 2020

Bathrooms are the best place in any home! There is a special relationship between us and our bathrooms, be it for freshening up or answering nature’s call. It is the place that helps us clean up and unwind. Interestingly, most of us get the most innovative thoughts when we are in the bathroom. However, if the bathroom becomes dull and boring then it also affects our minds and thoughts negatively.


Does your bathroom need a remodeling? Are you looking for bathroom remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area? Experts who can help you renovate your bathroom? Wish for a trendy bathroom design? Then check out top three bathroom remodeling trends that are a hit in 2020 and many years to come.

Trend #1: Darker Shades are Cool!

In the last few years grey ruled several bathroom remodeling projects and became quite popular as well. But today in 2020 darker shades are getting more attention, so black is the new grey. Darker shades, especially black has turned out to be a trending bathroom remodeling aspect in 2020. Black color is most popular with light fixtures, mirrors and other bathroom fixtures specifically the ones with matte finish. If you feel black will be too bold for you then you can still go with grey but make sure to opt for a darker tone.


Trend #2: High-Tech Additions

Everything is getting inspired by technology, so why to keep your bathrooms technology-ridden? A high-tech upgrade is the much needed change in the bathrooms today. So if you are planning for a bathroom remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area then do not forget to infuse technology into it. For instance, smart showers, automatic sinks and mini fridges can be a great addition to your bathrooms. You can also incorporate voice activated features for lighting and temperature regulation. Modern day bathrooms aren’t just bathrooms; they are more like personalized spas that make your bathroom experiences more relaxing and convenient.

Trend #3: Shapes and Patterns of Tiles to Fall in Love With

Basic tiles are no longer trending. Technology has led to the creation of a myriad of new range of designs using basic tiles. And today colors and graphics infused these tiles that transformed the traditional appearance into something more innovative and interesting. You can discover arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales as well as hexagonal patterned tiles and many more today. All these patterns are extremely attractive which you can also use in your bathroom backsplashes, shower walls and even ceiling accents for creating a bold and classy bathroom.



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