Top Vape Juices For Flavour Chasers

When vapers talk about optimizing their vaping system, usually it is to enhance vapour production. Vapers who love vapour before anything else, cloud chasing can become a way of life. However, for others, what actually matter is how your vape actually tastes. Luckily, just as cloud chasing, it is feasible to optimise your device to truly make the flavour stand out.

Here are some top vape juice flavours you want to give a try to make your vaping experience out of the box.

Pancake Man Vape Juice by Vape Breakfast Classics

Pancake Man Vape Juice by Vape Breakfast Classics:

If you are pancake lover, give Pancake Man Vape Juice a try. It taste like vaping a warm heap of pancakes, uniformly layered with butter, coated with whipped cream and drizzled in maple syrup. Manufactured by Virtue Vapes, Pancake Man is available in 3 primary flavours including panake, strawberry and Maple syrup. This vape juice can be purchased with a VG/PG Ratio: 80/20 and nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg respectively.

Banana Bread by Humble Juice Co. 60ml:

If you are looking for a vape juice that’ll leave you wanting more and more, then Banana Bread by Humble Juice Co has to be it. This buttery banana vape juice will melt in your mouth to give you the ultimate vaping experience. You can avail this vape juice in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio of 80/20.

Blue Raspberry by Humble Juice Co. 60ml:

Give Humble Juice Co’s sweet raspberry & blueberry mix a try if you want to keep your taste buds happy. Available in Raspberry and Blueberry flavour, Blue Raspberry by Humble Juice Co is worth a try if you are flavour chaser and looking to experiment with your vaping adventure.

Strawberry Banana by Humble Juice Co. 60ml:

Relish 2 of the most exceptional flavour combinations: ripped banana and juicy strawberry with a hint of tropical dragonfruit. Manufactured by Humble Juice Co. Strawberry Banana is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine level.

Toffee Vanilla Custard by Humble Juice Co. 60ml:

Looking to kick start your day with the right vape juice? Get your day started with toffee, vanilla and butterscotch custard vape juice.

Watermelon by Humble Juice Co. 60ml:

If you are big fan of smooth, creamy and juicy watermelon, give Watermelon by Humble Juice Co a try. Sold in the brand name of Humble Fruits, this cape juice is loaded with flaovrs that you can’t find in any other e-liquid.

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