Trip to the Dead Sea – The Ultimate Experience in Jordan

The Dead Sea is an absolute necessity to visit fascination for any excursion to Jordan. This natural miracle is a salt lake at the absolute bottom on Earth 418m beneath sea level. The Dead Sea is 56 kilometers from Amman and 235 kilometers from Aqaba. Once there you can appreciate one of the numerous Dead Sea shores, the Dead Sea spas and hotels. The high convergence of minerals in the saline water and the Dead Sea mud has well being and excellent benefits. Indeed, even the daylight and air in the Dead Sea district has amazing properties valuable to your well being.

Reputed tour operators organize best of day tours Dead Sea. You can book your place on one such tour and have the pleasure of enjoying your vacation at the Dead Sea.

How to reach the Dead Sea

The day tours from Dead Sea

The estimated good ways from Amman to the Dead Sea is 37 miles. The best method of transportation is a vehicle—regardless of whether in a rental or taxi, the drive is simple and should be possible as a speedy jump from the city or a more drawn out drives with grand stops.

From Amman, you will head southwest until you arrive at Route 65, otherwise called the Dead Sea Highway. This ride takes approximately 60 minutes, shifting a bit contingent upon your last goal. Amman Beach is the nearest point, and there is an extra charge, however, there are many different spots to browse. You can discover beach resorts with private seashores up and down the coast and exceptionally well known with voyagers.

While in the territory, you can likewise explore Wadi Mujib and its numerous open-air exercises. This nature saves lies east of the Dead Sea and known for its excellent path and gullies. Make a point to stop at the Visitor Center before taking off for a climb.

An open minibus is a modest yet tedious method for arriving. The course is not immediate, and it can be packed and questionable. For somewhat more, you can take a van or visitor transport. A portion of the hotel networks in Amman work transports to their retreat areas.

By Private Transfer or Taxi

Private Transfer

Duration: 1-2 hours, more with stops

Booking a private transfer is the most helpful choice. It’s an hour to arrive at Amman Beach, such a significant number of individuals select to stop there first however in the event that you have your own driver or rental vehicle you’re allowed to explore and proceed on any place you’d like. The Jordanian side of the Dead Sea has around 31 miles of coastline, and there is a lot to see—including the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex, which offers dynamite perspectives and data about the topography, environment, and history of the zone.

As opposed to taking an immediate course to the Dead Sea, attempt a temporary re-route to Madaba, where you can look at the most seasoned protected mosaic guide of the Holy Land, going back to the sixth century BC. A couple of moments away are Mount Nebo, where on a crisp morning you can see all the way to the Palestinian territory. Different temporary re-routes incorporate a drench at Ma’in Hot Springs and extending your legs on the path of the Mujib Biosphere Reserve.

Then again, you will not have any issue finding a taxi in Amman—yellow taxis are anything but difficult to discover and largely mean an authorized driver with a meter. Hotels will frequently book them for you on the off chance that you need to make an early booking. In case you are voyaging solo, it might merit sharing a taxi with different explorers to have the cost-shared. Ridesharing applications are picking up notoriety in Amman—Uber particularly—so is another alternative to remember before you leave Amman.

By Bus

Mercedes Benz 

Duration: 2-3 hours

Taking open transportation is the least expensive however least favored alternative. Minibusses leave at different times from the Muhajireen station in Amman however; they just go similarly as far as Rame. From that point, you will need to take a taxi to your ideal area. JETT traveler transports are another option. They have air-conditioning and agreeable however, they do not run every day and just stop at Amman Beach. They leave toward the beginning of the day from the seventh Circle bus stop yet check their site early, as timetables can change.

In the event that you realize which resort you will be making a beeline for, it merits verifying whether a transport runs from their Amman area. Frequently, the significant chains will give transport administration to a charge.

Activities near the Dead Sea

Ten Things Not To Miss Doing When At The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the fundamental fascination in the Dead Sea area however there are many entrancing and one of a kind attractions close to the Dead Sea. Here are only a couple of the top Dead Sea attractions worth remembering for your travel schedule.


Masada and Dead Sea Tour from Herzliya

Masada is a stone outcrop or plateau, portrayed by soak precipice sides and a level summit. Masada is only minutes from the shore of the Dead Sea; it rises gloriously from a level in the Judean Desert. Masada is acclaimed as the site of an antiquated castle stronghold based on the summit by King Herod in around 30 BC.

The fortification complex included numerous flawlessly developed structures comprised of royal residences, a bathhouse, dovecote, storerooms and that is only the tip of the iceberg. A significant number of the stronghold structures have been unearthed and gratitude to the remote area and the dry atmosphere they have endured well. Guests come to Masada and take a cable car to the summit to visit the old survives from Herod’s stronghold. On the other hand, guests can climb the precarious side of Masada along the Snake Path.

Masada has a second specialty. Around a hundred years in the wake of King Herod assembled his fortification Masada was the site of the last Jewish holdout against the Romans in the First Jewish-Roman War during 66-73 AD. A gathering of Jews withdrew to the summit of Masada and stayed there held under attack by the Romans. At the point when the Romans inevitably arrived at the summit, they found that the Jews had decided to end their own lives instead of being caught and subjugated. This notable occasion has made Masada an image of Jewish devotion to freedom and a refusal to give up national autonomy.

Ein Gedi 


This delightful dessert garden not a long way from the shore of the Dead Sea. The nature save has rich vegetation and four spring-fed streams just as Instagram-commendable cascades. Ein Gedi is a haven for birds and creatures like the stone hyrax and Nubian ibex. It is likewise home to plants and trees from different situations including Sodom apple trees, jujube and poplar trees.

Guests can stroll along with a few ways, climbing courses, and even take a plunge in the streams. One of the most mainstream climb courses is along the Arugot Stream where there is a wet and a dry course. The two courses take around 2-3 hours and end at a wonderful cascade. Not a long way from the nature hold is Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Here you can discover greenhouses, archeological unearthing, settlement and the Ein Gedi Eco Park.


Qumran National Park

Qumran is most popular as where the discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls happened. These old parchments bearing the soonest duplicates of Biblical writings were found in eleven caves near Qumran. Guests can see the caverns yet the parchments themselves are now transferred to the Shrine of the Book at the Museum. Qumran is additionally an archeological site where remains were found from the Hellenistic period dating back to c.134-104 BC. Later Romans annihilated the antiquated settlement in 68 AD. Guests can see the exhumed settlement inside the Qumran National Park.

Lot’s Wife 

Along the Dead Sea shore, you will see many set salt stone arrangements. The most well known is designated, “Lot’s Wife”. Lot’s Wife is a mainstay of salt close to Mount Sodom. It is named after a character from the Biblical story of Sodom as told in Genesis 19. The city of Sodom was overflowing with wrongdoing; God sent his heavenly attendants to pulverize the city yet Lot was allowed to escape with his family. The main condition was that they escape and do not think back. Lot’s significant other dismissed this direction and as they left Sodom, she glanced back at the city. In a flash, she transformed into a mainstay of Salt.

Qasr al Yahud

Qasr al Yahud 

Qasr al Yahud or the Castle of the Jews is a baptismal site on the Jordan River in the Palestine Authority area of the West Bank north of the Dead Sea. This is the conventional site where John submersed Jesus. It is additionally thought to be the place the Israelites crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land. The site has been made available to guests and it is conceivable to be purified through the water here in a similar spot similarly as Jesus was such a large number of years prior.

Medical advantages of visiting The Dead Sea 

Many need to visit the Dead Sea, as it is a famous site and one of the most astounding marvels of the world. Individuals need to have the option to state they have been to the “absolute bottom on Earth”. Yet, another and apparently increasingly significant motivation to visit the Dead Sea is that it very well may be useful for your wellbeing. For a large number of years the Dead Sea environment has pulled in guests who come to make the most of its wellbeing advancing properties.

Dead Sea Sun

Dead Sea Sun

At around 417 meters underneath sea level the destructive sunlight based beams have further to travel and along these lines remain filtered on their way through the air, via air molecules, water vapor and aerosols This leaves just the valuable and gainful beams which arrive at the Dead Sea. The district has a wonderful climate with radiant days nearly the whole year.


The air in the Dead Sea condition has a high oxygen concentration of 15% over the normal levels. The air is additionally dry; essentially allergen-free and there is little stickiness so that those with repertory issues think that it is simpler to breathe. The air at the Dead Sea is explicitly solid for those with asthma. The high convergence of bromine and magnesium noticeable all around unwinds and soothes strain.


The exceptionally saline water of the Dead Sea has a one of a kind structure of minerals and remedial salts. The water is 32% salt as a contrast with the salt level in normal seawater of 3%. At the point when you swim in the sea, your skin is animated and sustained facilitating joint afflictions, loosening up the nerves and invigorating the flow framework. The saline thickness forbids the body from sinking so you can unwind intellectually and genuinely while skimming on the water.

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud

The mud, which shapes the seabed and the banks of the sea, contains a similar rich mineral blend found in the water with the goal that this helpful common skin “mask” can cover up the skin to permit the minerals to be straightforwardly assimilated. The mud invigorates blood dissemination and can help those with an ailment. The sea and mud contain sulfur, magnesium, calcium, chloride, sodium, bromide, potassium and other trace elements. In all, there are 21 basic minerals and 12 are special to the Dead Sea.

A blend of the air, separated sunlight based beams, mineral-rich water and mud can be valuable to those experiencing skin infections, explicitly psoriasis, joint inflammation and dermatitis. The Dead Sea benefits your wellbeing as well as your looks as the mud and water scrubs and mellows your skin. You will see that after a visit your skin will feel and look restored. The advantages do not need to end when you leave the Dead Sea as Dead Sea items are sold the world over and at the Dead Sea itself. At the Dead Sea, you can even purchase packs of the black mud to bring home with you!

Best times to visit the Dead Sea

Given its situation in the Middle East, Jordan’s summers can be long and blistering. May through to September is considered very moist. Then again, winters can be very cool, so truly January and February are out for swimming.

That leaves us the magnificent shoulder seasons, February to April and October to November where days are warm and the water will be reviving. All said we visited toward the beginning of April the Dead Sea water was not really awful, had a perfect time floating on the seawater, and enjoyed.

It unquestionably gets busier on weekends because of a ton of day-tripper traffic from Amman yet ostensibly, mid-week can also be occupied too with meetings and visit gatherings.

Top endurance tips for the Dead Sea with Kids 

It’s difficult to disclose to you best exhortation – I wagered in case you’re perusing this there are numerous things you’ve likely been told “I wouldn’t do that with kids” however you did it in any case, correct? Along these lines, on the off chance that you think your children are mature enough to deal with it or will quietly remain uninvolved then follow these to stay safe during your visit to the Dead Sea.

  • Do not consider shaving – anywhere – in the 24-48 hours prior!
  • Do investigate all over for any undeniable cuts of teasing – in the event that you have recently originated from Petra, this is a high chance!
  • Pack reef shoes to climb over the stones; water levels are consistently falling so you should do a bit of scrambling even at the top retreats to arrive at the water
  • Bring a huge jug of new water with you; there is no assurance the freshwater shower is free when you need it and you may need to sprinkle water in a rush.
  • We did not see flies that I have perused in other Dead Sea surveys, however, we got canvassed with mosquito bites at night! Bring kid-accommodating bug spray.
  • I would have cherished one of those little neck cushions with me in the water!
  • Seriously, check whether you can get the children disapproved for some time and proceed to appreciate this as grown-ups just understanding.
  • A conspicuous admonition to, abstain from getting the water into any agonizing spots like mouths, eyes or ah, woman bits. The stinging will die down, yet stunning!

The souvenirs that you need to buy at the Dead Sea

Dead Sea mud

Dead Sea mud is generally accessible in visitor shops, however, it is not actually deal valued. The best other option: if your outing incorporates a stay at a Dead Sea lodging, have the spa bundle their mud for you to bring home. The best spas put the clay mud through a disinfection procedure, yet such that protects the sound minerals. The other option is to check local stores for sensibly valued little parcels of the restorative mud, which are incredible for gifting.

Where to stay at the Dead Sea 

From Aqaba, the Dead Sea is around a three and half hour vehicle ride. That is the manner by which little the nation Jordan truly is! On the off chance that you needed to, you can really make a day trip from Amman to the Dead Sea since it is about an hour away. In any case, it is certainly worth a day or one night visit.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea


At the point when you are enjoying amazing day tours Dead Sea, you should remember that you are not visiting a city, essentially. It is increasingly similar to a desert zone with numerous retreats and hotels. You can visit the Dead Sea however there are no marinas or ports. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea is one of the ideal hotels where you can stay and have an enjoyable time with your family.

Where to eat

When you are in the dead sea region, there is not a ton to look over concerning eating outside of your hotel. In this way, you can keep your nourishment undertakings inside arms reach and choose to place your forks into the full culinary involvement with the Kempinski Hotel Dead Sea.

Happy Hour at Akkad Pool Grill

Day Tours Dead Sea

There are more than seven pools situated on the hotel property. However, there is just one pool that issues – the Infinity pool at Akkad Pool Grill. To start with, get a parlor seat alongside the pool since this is the best spot to watch the nightfall over the Dead Sea.


Choosing where to eat for dinner at Kempinski Hotel Dead Sea resembles settling on French fries or tater tots. They are overall amazingly delectable, for your last dinner in Jordan if you need fresh fish with a little flavor. Along these lines, you can be at The Codes Restaurant.

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