Why Do You Purchase Clatterans Refrigerator Water Filter?

Are you looking to buy the best refrigerator water filter? Obviously, you want it to do wonders on you budget. This is a perfect way to get a health source of chilled water while minimizing the amount of budget you spend on the water every week.

Once you have the refrigeration water filter, you won’t need to buy water bottles and other water filters as well. Out of all the available refrigerator water filters on the market, you can make the purchase of Clatterans CL-RF80 LG Refrigerator Water Filter.

Unique Features of Clatterans CL-RF80 LG Refrigerator Water Filter

  • Certified by NSF and IAPMO R&T NSF/ANSI standard 42, the Clatterans water filter works with activated carbon to minimize chlorine taste, bad odor, dirt particles, rust, heavy mental, turbidity and harmful sediments. The water filter keeps the original beneficial minerals to maintain your health and wellbeing.
  • Clatterans water filter uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to remove harmful lead, cadmium, chlorine, mercury and thallium.
  • The lifespan of water filter depends on the quality of water and contaminant level. If you want the best filtration results, consider replacing every six months or 200 gallons of water. It will maximize the rate of contaminant reduction.
  • For filter replacement, you won’t need any tool. You can replace the cartridge inside the refrigerator. Even it only requires a few minutes even less than a minute to get the installation done.
  • The water filter works similarly like the original filter without any water leakages.

Important Facts to Remember –

  • You will never stress again about how to get clean drinking water and ice from your refrigerator.
  • The LG refrigerator water filter from Clatterans is the amazing way to make sure that you get healthy standard drinking water.
  • Combined with coconut shell based activated carbon and advanced filtration technology, the filter contributes effortlessly to eliminate chlorine, the unpalatable tastes, smells, lots of unwanted chemicals and contaminants. It will remove the heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, dioxins, etc present in water supplies within no time.
  • IAPMO and NSF certified LG Refrigerator Water Filter LT800P ADQ73613401 comes with six month longer life and is quality approved to deliver much cleaner, fresh, better tasting and wholesome water.
  • The coconut-shell based activated carbon has lower ash content, a higher amount of micro-pores, iodine number, and excellent level of durability and has the ability of removing small sized organic impurities efficiently.
  • Micro-pores are present around 85-90% surface area of the coconut shell based activated carbon. These pores match the size of contaminant molecules present in drinking water and are quite effective enough in trapping them.

The Catterans Refrigerator Water Filter Difference

  • Amazing taste by filtering out bad odors and harmful impurities
  • Better health and hygiene by hydrating with clean and filtered water
  • Say goodbye to disposable bottles and save more by getting the cleaner and healthy water every time

How Do You Save More on Clatterans Refrigerator Water Filter?

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