Understand Your PG & VG Ratio To Enjoy the Perfect Flavor

If you are thinking about switching to e-cigs, you are possibly curious regarding the ingredients in e-juice.

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are odorless liquids that are blended with nicotine & flavor preservatives to make e—juice for vaporizers. PG & VG have diverse consistencies and each contributes a different taste to vape liquids. PG & VG have diverse feeling in the throat and mouth, and the two are usually combined.

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The mainstream of e-juices mixes the 2 liquids, and their proportions can differ significantly. New vapers that are looking to give new vape juices a try should understand the appropriate proportion to enjoy the perfect flavor, and throat hit.

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How do VG & PG affect flavor:

  • Steeping – Steeping takes longer in VG juice as they are thick in nature. It can take longer if you are steeping e-liquids made from multi-flavor recipes. On the contrary, some high PG e-liquids can be vaped immediately without any steeping.
  • Thinning high VG e-liquids – In the event you’ve made e-liquid using a proportion of VG, there might be a problem with wicking gloopy liquid with your coil. Pour in distilled water to your e-liquid, so that it thins out a bit. This way, the cotton will be more porous to the liquid.
  • Nicotine & flavorings – The majority of flavor concentrates & nicotine come with a PG base. You’ve to make a critical consideration about this when you’re making an e-liquid with high VG; if the juice has proportion of nicotine & flavor, the level of VG decreases even more. You’ll also find nicotine & flavorings in VG, but this isn’t yet commonly sold.

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PG or VG? Which one to choose?

The choice usually depends on personal preference. Most people prefer propylene, which may be why manufactures have opted to add it as the standard in most e-juice selections. Since VG alters the flavour, propylene provides a truer vaping experience. The only real advantage the VG has over PG is its thicker clouds.

You’ve to experiment with diverse combinations of the two to find your perfect VG/PG mixture. However, keep in mind that the perfect flavor, throat hit and vapor rely on several other factors like your hardware, the e-juice quality, and voltage/wattage setting.


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