Using Organic Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Ideal Way To Make Dishes Tasty

If you want to find a single ingredient that can give your dishes an extra dimension of flavor, you need look no further than a bottle of organic garlic extra virgin olive oil. And with reliable, quality suppliers making it available online, there’s never been an easier time to add it to your pantry.


The best garlic olive oil is made by pressing fresh garlic and infusing it into 100% pure extra virgin olive oil, with no artificial flavors or other additives, and with no other, lesser oils diluting the olive oil. Quality producers use only fresh, natural ingredients without shortcuts in the process to produce an organic garlic extra virgin olive oil that stands apart from imitators.

And not only does it offer better flavor, but also offers you the recognized health benefits of both real olive oil and real garlic, which is rich in antioxidants and sulphur compounds.


But getting those health benefits means using garlic olive oil regularly in your diet. So how can you incorporate it into your daily cooking? There are actually a number of ways you can use this oil, and we have just a few suggestions to help you get started.

But first, it’s good to know some basic tips about using infused olive oil. Most importantly, don’t heat the oil beyond its smoke point. Doing so will cause it to release free radicals and will severely diminish if not entirely negate the normal health benefits of both the oil and the garlic. Not to mention, heating degrades the flavor of the oil as well.


How to Use Organic Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The potent flavor of garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil makes it an excellent addition to your cooking which can enhance the taste of almost any dish. For instance, it makes a great ingredient in aioli, or as a dipping sauce for bread. It also takes just a few drops to liven up sauces, soups, salads, bruschetta, meat, or vegetables.

It makes a good addition to almost any dish on its own, but it can be even better when combined with an infused balsamic vinegar. And there is a wide range of flavored balsamics which can open a whole world of culinary possibilities. Try combining it with a peach or pineapple balsamic to marinate chicken or pork. Or use an espresso balsamic with garlic olive oil for marinating flank steak or chicken.


Oregano balsamic paired with this oil makes a great drizzle for your salad and blending garlic olive oil and almost any balsamic can make a great dipping sauce for bread or a drizzle for roast vegetables.

Let’s look at just a few specific ideas for using a garlic infused olive oil.

Peach and Garlic Salad

This is an easy and delicious salad. Just coarsely chop and drain cucumber and tomato. Next, marinate the cucumbers in peach balsamic vinegar for 30 minutes, then simply mix with the tomatoes and add blueberries, arugula, sea salt, and garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil.


Garlic olive oil also makes a splendid addition to a grilled salad, or as an addition to honey, soy, ginger, and tangerine balsamic glazed wings.

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