Vape Juice Flavors – A Factor that Attracts People Towards Vaping

Do you think vaping only helps you quit traditional cigarettes, which is why people are opting for vaping? Then you are absolutely right. Several researches and studies have proved it. And the flavored e juices help people in quitting smoking more efficiently and quickly.

Flavors a major role in attracting more people towards vaping. And when talking about e liquid flavors Five Pawns is one of the best choices. With the constantly varying tobacco industry the world of e juice is evolving quickly for satisfying the growing culture of e cigarettes. Also, the flavor profiles are getting advanced, hence creating unique flavors to try.

For vaping enthusiasts the delectable aroma of e liquid flavors probably triggers their fond memories. As compared to the traditional cigarettes, e liquids smell much better. Not just the taste and smell of e liquid make the e liquids enticing but these flavors revel in them because like comfort foods, e liquids remind them of their memorable and enjoyable times. Vaping enthusiasts often expect premium e liquid ingredients and Five Pawns delivers that, hence has become one of the favorite e juice flavor profiles among vapers.

Let us take a look at some of the best-selling Five Pawns flavors that will make you fall in love with vaping:

Castle Long Vape Juice by Five Pawns 60ml is a gourmet vape that was created with a striking note of toasted coconut e Liquid flavor. It also features roasted almonds offering a balanced mellow taste. Further the vape juice is enhanced with Madagascar and French vanillas and laced with caramelized brown sugar and then finished with the subtle essence of Kentucky bourbon for a truly matchless experience. Treat yourself and give this best-in-class premium e liquid a try.

  • Gambit Vape Juice by Five Pawns 60ml

Gambit Vape Juice by Five Pawns is made with Granny Smith apples offering mellow apple pie taste, with hints of caramel flavor e Liquid. Experience a blistering crust enhanced with a dollop of French vanilla ice cream and unsweetened whipped cream. It will remind you of your grandmother’s sweet apple pie.

  • Grandmaster Vape Juice by Five Pawns 60ml

Grandmaster Vape Juice by Five Pawns features a creamy rich peanut butter edge and is made with fresh banana cream and then drizzled with velvety caramel flavor. It is an all-day vape for all vapers!

  • Black Flag Risen Vape Juice by Five Pawns 60ml

Black Flag Risen Vape Juice by Five Pawns featuring a creamy cappuccino e Liquid flavor is enhanced with flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco for a full-bodied taste. Finished with light truffle cream and mocha-dusted black walnut flavors this vape juice mimics two tastes that go together like no other for a great vaping experience.

Besides these flavors there are other enticing flavors as well such as Bowden’s Mate Vape Juice by Five Pawns, Queenside Vape Juice by Five Pawns and Symmetry Six Vape Juice by Five Pawns.


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