Vape Juice Selection Guide For Beginners

If you are new to the vaping world, choosing the right e-juice can be a bit overwhelming for you.

From flavours to nicotine strengths, there’re so many decisions to make. With the use of vaping products rising due in part to its relative safety in comparison to smoking, there’re today more options than ever before.

For more ideas on how to choose vape liquids, keep reading.

Know your flavours:

The first thing to take into account while searching for e-liquid is the flavor. After all, the other aspects matter very little if you don’t like the flavour.

Fortunately, e-liquids are accessible in nearly any flavor you can imagine. You can check out White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 120ml available at E Juice Store if you love the combination of juicy white peaches and ripe raspberries. With each puff your taste buds will be delighted with savory fruit flavor.

You can even find vape juices in many food, fruit and cocktail flavors.

For those who are just entering to this arena should look for something a little milder, then pick something bolder if they wish to be a bit more daring.

Know your types:

The majority of e-liquids are made from VG, PG, or a combination of the both. All types have their pros and cons.

Vegetable glycerin is likely to offer quite a bit more vapour, whereas propylene glycol generally delivers improved flavours.

Most vape juices are actually an amalgamation of both Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Merging the 2 proffers the vapers a superior amalgamation of flavor and vapor!

A proportion of 40 percent propylene glycol and 60 percent vegetable glycerin tends to deliver a great mix for most vapers, but try to experiment with diverse combination and find out what you like.

Peach Blue Razz by Cloud Nurdz 100ml available at E Juice Store comes with a VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 gives you a perfect blend for all-day vape. The vape juice is a wonderful brew of blueberries & raspberries and peach rings mixed together into one masterpiece. The inhale gives you a sweet blueberry taste whereas upon exhale you get the mix of ripe peach and gummy ring candy perfect for tart satisfaction.


Once you are done with picking a flavor and your vape juice types it is time to mull over nicotine. The best thing regarding vape juice is that you can actually pick your nicotine strength best on how much of the stuff you like.

Visit E Juice Store to give Tortoise On Ice by Shijin Vapor 100ml a try which is available in nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg respectively. From the makers of Tortoise Blood and Tortoise on the Rocks, this vape juice will satisfy any vape lovers who’re into fruit flavored menthols.

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