Vape Juices from the House of Khali Vapors

Vape juices have become one of the best alternatives for traditional cigarettes. And one of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is that it is safe to use and it comes with a myriad of delightful flavors. Whether you are craving for fruity delight or a cookie flavor, you can experience it with vape juices. And with advancement in technology, today you can get your favourite flavour online. Online vape juice is the new trend!

Vape juice comes with a variety of names such as e liquids, e juices and more. If you are trying vaping for the first time, then you need to know everything about vape juices. Scroll down to learn more about vape juices.

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is a combination of several different food safe components along with some flavoring agents to induce delightful flavors into it. There are vape juices that contain components like nicotine or CBD. The different extracts that craft vape juice are often designed for optimal flavor as well as infusing health additives like vitamins and caffeine.

E Juices are available in the form of capsules as well as refillable formats. Buying e juices from online stores has also become a trend nowadays as it allows you to find a variety of flavors and brands under one roof. Most of the vape juices are available in glass bottles for refillable formats that allows you to experience vaping for a longer period.

When talking about vape juices and online vape juice stores, one of the most popular and loved manufacturers is Khali Vapors.

Who are Khali Vapors?

Khali Vapors was founded in late 2013 in Long Beach, California by Patrick Mulcahy and Matthew Halvorson. They spent more than six months in developing their first three flavors before launching the brand in the spring of 2014.

Why Choose Khali Vapors?

They put attention to detail and commitment to perfection, which has made them special and unique. Moreover, along with their tireless efforts in perfecting flavors they also focused on making each one a perfect vape juice for all day vaping experience. The flavors from the house of Khali Vapors are neither too mild, nor too strong and are perfectly balanced in every manner. The e juices developed by Khali Vapors are inspired by the impressive locations and revitalizing flavors of Eternal Summer of Southern California.

Flavor Profiles by Khali Vapors

  • Devil’s Punchbowl Salts by Khali Vapors

Devil’s Punchbowl Salts by Khali Vapors is a tempting vape flavor that blends tropical fruit guava with a soft hint of sweet peaches along with delectable nic salt. Each puff of this vape juice takes you upon a tropical adventure through the eastern hemisphere. Eventually, it takes you through the peachy delightful journey. Tartness of peach will make you fall in love with the e juice all over again. On the inhale exotic guava clouds mixed with juicy peaches and intoxicating nic salts will offer you the best vaping experience.

Devil’s Punchbowl by Khali Vapors 60ml

  • The Fairmont by Khali Vapors

The Fairmont by Khali Vapors is an explosion of tart pineapple whisk inspired by your favorite theme park treat. Explore the goodness of refreshing pineapple along with richness of creamy ice cream.

  • Golden Gate by Khali Vapors

Golden Gate by Khali Vapors is an exquisite vape blend that combines the California grown oranges with a sweet hit of ice creamy goodness. Enjoy a tangy adventure through the West Coast where the oranges groves grow with this e juice.


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