Vaping Strawberry Jam Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

Want to taste the delicious taste of buttery; crispy cookies smothered in granny’s yummy fruit jam? If yes, why don’t you vape Strawberry Jam Cookie by Sadboy 100ml! You will feel amazing when you vape the flavorful blend of sweet, savory, and tart notes. This delectable vape blend will make your mouth water. Strawberry Jam Cookie vape juice by Sadboy 100ml brings you a homemade taste seeming like you are vaping something incredible that just came out of the oven before a few minutes.

The Strawberry Jam Cookie gives you the taste of freshness out of the oven cookie that feels gooey and keeps strawberry jam inside. When you vape every puff, you will enjoy the strawberry jam to the fullest. On the inhale, the vape juice provides you the cookie taste that feels like straight out of the oven and hits your vape taste buds. This vape flavor feels authentic, and you will imagine yourself walking into your favorite bakery.

Sadboy brings in the taste of the sweet cookie and the succulent strawberries in the vape form. When you exhale, the strawberry flavor goes over your taste buds and gives this amazingly flavored vape juice a finishing touch. Sadboy E-Liquids is a premier vape juice brand offering uniquely flavored vape blends for those vapers with a sweet tooth. Whatever vape juice you choose, you will enjoy the right amount of sweetness that will help you get through your day. All of their vape juices are based on the top-notch cookie flavor.

Strawberry Jam Cookie vape juice is the ultimate flavor you should consider if you want to take in cookies’ sweetness and a fruity delight. This flavor will make your taste crazy, and after one puff, you will crave this vape juice again and again. The butter notes and pure sugar go into your taste buds, followed by the warmth and generous delight of vanilla flavor when you inhale. After that, the sharpness of the strawberry flavor takes charge.


Strawberry Jam Cookie by Sadboy 100ml comes in a large bottle with a more tempting cloud chasing base of 80/20 VG/PG. Nevertheless, you will find yourself indulging throughout the vaping session of your vaping preferences. Above all, the jamming vape juice sensation is a perfect yet classic bakery vaping delight that you will enjoy for sure. It feels awesome while vaping and might be your next all-time vape.

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