Wadi Rum – The Tour To The Magical Land

Like the outside of Mars, the huge and delightful Wadi Rum is an enamoring place. Disregard the Lawrence of Arabia relationship for some time in spite of the fact that you need to concede that is a major piece of your enthusiasm for visiting and appreciate the quietness, the extreme excellence, and the quiet. Wadi Rum is stunning and as indicated by UNESCO, perceived all around as a famous desert scene. The secured region perceived as a World Heritage Site since 2011. The Bedouin in Wadi Rum lives off tourism yet at the same time safeguard a large number of their customary ways. Overtourism has not arrived at this piece of the world so you can deeply inhale natural air and appreciate the quiet during Wadi Rum tours conducted by reputed tour operators.


Where is Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum or Rum Valley is a desert valley in the mountains toward the south of Jordan, close to Aqaba and the Saudi Arabia fringe. It’s an infertile, red spot for the most part populated by geckos, falcons, and camels. At the point when it downpours, resting desert plants spring out of the sand changing the scene from red to green.

It is a peaceful and void spot. What’s more, that is a piece of the appeal. The Jordanian government has worked superbly of keeping the national park as immaculate as could reasonably be expected. There are no lodgings and westernized shopping centers inside the national park. Conventional Bedouin camps and traveler camps are the main fabricated highlights. All are serene and situated in unnoticeable spots around the valley.

Wadi Rum region comes up short on any sort of infrastructure. You will not perceive any evident streets separated from the one going to the town from the parkway. Four-wheel drive vehicles buzz around the scene and leave tracks in the sand. Nevertheless, the tracks are brief and do little harm to nature.

Camping Overnight

Everybody should camp overnight in the desert Wadi. It is a fabulous encounter and modest. The outdoors grounds spread around the valley, however, they are subtle and low profile.


Corrupt visit administrators that do not have a permit to lead groups in Wadi Rum regularly stunt guests into outdoors outside of the UNESCO World Heritage region. I have not seen these regions, and apparently, they are lovely places to remain. Nevertheless, in case you are here to visit the genuine Wadi Rum, ensure you remain with a trustworthy guide. The GPS on your telephone will likewise show you in the event that you have strayed too far-removed track.

The vast majority of the camps will give nourishment as a customary underground bar-b-que, called a zarb. That is the nourishment that goes underground, not you. Your night’s amusement will be customary Bedouin tunes, played by artists who additionally twofold as cooks, guides, and in all probability, your driver for the Wadi Rum visit.

The tents are from square surrounded shacks with material sewed onto the outside to extravagance tents adequate for any semblance of Elon Musk.

You can stay at the Bedouin Lifestyle Camp, which definitely, is like different camps. There are barely any contrasts between the styles of the camps dabbed around the Wadi. This is an essential spot however, it is fine for solo voyagers as it constrains you to get out and meet individuals.

In the event that you need something somewhat extraordinary, and are set up to compensation for it, the Sun City camp may be your thing. This is glamping at its most glitz for the desert, in any event. In the event that you have been exploring Jordan, you may have seen pictures of the camp’s domed tents. The ones that resemble something Matt Damon occupied in the film The Martian. That is the spot.

The Desert Night Sky

Around evening time in the desert, here is minimal light contamination and you will have practically continuous perspectives on the night sky and the stars. People lived in this piece of the world for practically half a million years. The main thing that has changed is the individuals. The landscape and stars seem to be like how they did when the first occupants showed up.


On the off chance that you have seen the motion picture The Martian, with Matt Damon, you will perceive the landscape here. That is right, this spot is Hollywood’s “go-to” spot for Mars or other worldview shoots.

Lawrence of Arabia

In the film Lawrence of Arabia, the unbelievable T.E. Lawrence battled with the Arabs and the Bedouin against Turkish rule in 1917. The motion picture of Lawrence’s life was somewhat recorded here and Wadi Rum subs for, well, Wadi Rum.

One of my preferred films, Lawrence of Arabia kick-started the Jordan traveler industry. Word has it that the man himself is not well known. Indeed, he is censured by a great deal of Jordanians. Nevertheless, it has not prevented vacationer dollars from relaxing his picture. On the off chance that you accept the press, the man is a saint to the Bedouin. What’s more, some inventive naming around the valley implies you will see some Lawrence-related “tourist spots” from time to time. The Seven Pillars cliff is only a bluff. In a splendid advertising ploy, somebody chose to interface this spot with Lawrence of Arabia. It worked.

Lawrence Spring seems like a flavorful desert garden with crystalline cold water. Try not to be excessively energized. The spring takes after a puddle of water scratched into the side of a mountain. To get to this somewhat disappointing milestone, you need to scramble up around 500 meters of rock. I adored the move up. It was extraordinary to extend the legs after a great deal of driving.

In case you are not fit or you have hip issues, skirt this part. In any case, it is an incredible spot to watch over the spots T.E. would have taken a gander at. It would not have looked entirely different.

Wadi Rum Climbing

In case you are into climbing and bouldering, the valley is a marvelous area. The stone and sandstone rock here is ideal for climbing.

There are a large number of potential courses here with some notable ascension set apart out and kept up. The Crag site for climbers records more than 60 known courses. Winter is climbing season as the 40C summer temperatures make things somewhat awkward.



This is probably the best spot in the Middle East to trek. The Jordan Tourist Board advances the action and empowering trekkers, explorers, and walkers to visit Jordan by supporting associations that create mark-climbing trails all through the nation.

Hiking visits are well known however, you can walk any of the courses alone. The Jordan Trail is a mainstream trail advanced by vacationer sheets.

The Jordan Trail is a long-distance trail running the length of the nation. It is a 40-day climb so not for the easygoing walker yet with some preparation and a relentless pace, any fit explorer ought to have the option to handle it. Going from backwoods in the north to Wadis and mountain towns like Petra lastly to Aqaba on the Red Sea, the Jordan Trail is an incredible expansion to any explorer’s bucket list.

One fascinating part of the path about Jordan is that a large number of them have been utilized for a great many years. Strolling the length of the nation was something, voyagers needed to do as a major aspect of their movements, family obligations, work, and exchange.

The climate in Wadi Rum

It is a dessert so anticipate a hot and dry environment for a large portion of the year. The late spring is blisteringly hot but moistness is low. In the winter it can get freezing. If you visit in November, it can be frosty around evening time. Thermals, caps and gloves outside around evening time are fundamental. Except if, you are from Norway.


Wadi Rum in December and January is colder again and less frequented by sightseers. Try not to hope to utilize the hotel pool during this time, however.

The extreme normal temperature in July and August is 35C and this drops to 14C in December and January. There is a customary inclining scale between these times.

  • Spring is from March to May. The hotter climate kick starts the development of plants everywhere throughout the valley after the downpours. A wonderful time to visit yet this is additionally top season
  • Summer is from June to August. It is hot, dry and bright. It is the ideal time for early morning and late-night touring.
  • Autumn is from September to November. You can expect to have more tolerable daytime temperatures. It is then simpler to see the sunrise and set. It is the ideal time for peak climbing and trekking season. You can expect to find yourself among more groups.
  • Winter is from December to February. You can anticipate downpour, more pleasant daytime temperatures, cold nighttimes and evenings, some overcast spread.

Travel to and from Wadi Rum

To the Dead Sea

From Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea your most logical option is to start from Amman or take a taxi from the Wadi Rum town. Book the taxi ahead of time, as they do not stick around for long.


To Petra

A transport leaves once per day from Wadi Rum to Petra. It is an agreeable and quick transport and takes into account sightseers so it, for the most part, leaves on schedule. Approach the camp supervisors for departure times.

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