What Are The Common Side Effects Of Vaping & How To Avoid Them

Though vaping is much safer & healthier compared to smoking, there’re still a few side effects that you must have knowledge about. Because of the many variables in both vaping devices & vape juices, and, obviously, how frequently a person vapes, it’s not feasible to make a conclusive list, nor is it feasible to point the finger at vaping being the direct cause.

However, listed below are some common vape side effects and how to avoid them?

Sore throat:

This is in fact the most common vape side effects and is usually triggered by using a vape juice that excessive concentration of PG. Also, it can be associated to the flavourings employed (for example, you may be sensitive to specific ingredients or additives).

The best way to fix sore throat after vaping is tackle each problem individually. First of all, try a vape juice that consist of a higher percentage of VG over PG. If that trick does not work, check out the vape juice’s ingredients and eliminate each one until the issue is prevented. If that does not work, consider about switching your device immediately.

Dry mouth:

Without any surprise, the 2nd most widespread side effects also associates to oral cavity. Dry mouth while vaping is triggered by vape juice based ingredients PG & VG. Though higher percentage of PG are known to be the foremost cause of dry mouth, Vegetable Glycerine can also trigger it. This is because VG and PG are both hygroscopic and absorb water.

In the event you experience dry moth while vaping, try to keep yourself hydrated with water. You can also use oral rehydration solutions that you can rinse your mouth out with. However, if you are experience continual dry mouth, it is worth talking to a doctor. Usually, vape associated dry mouth concern is mild and disappear with time.

Nausea & Sickness:

If you’re feeling sick or nauseous following a vaping session, this could be because of nicotine. Sickness and nausea are typical symptoms in well-known OTC anti-smoking medicines including patches, nicotine gums, and sprays. Also, feeling of sickness can be triggered by a vape juice if you’re sensitive to some of the ingredients.

For nicotine associated nausea, the symptoms will disappear gradually. For ingredients-associated sickness, the only genuine solution is to try a vape juice that doesn’t make you feel ill.

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