What Are The Most Common Garage Door Issues Homeowners Come Across

You can face problems with your overhead door for several reasons. Usually, issues with garage door come down to a few simple causes – typical wear & tear, technical problem, an obstruction or simply faulty component.

The most widespread causes of garage door problems are mentioned below:

Spring breakdown:

Though garage door springs are the most durable component but they do break down. The more you make use of your door, the sooner the springs will break. Furthermore, older garage door springs are more susceptible to breakdown compared to newer ones.

Cable breakdown:

Garage door’s lifting cables are termed as “wire rope”. While labeled as “aircraft quality,” they can become fragile with continuous use and begin to weaken. Once they get deteriorated, they start to unwind & may break.

Electrical problems:

Your overhead door needs electrical energy to open. And, like any electrical item, a fuse can blow out. You may also come across frayed wires or water damage. You must get in touch with a garage door expert to repair electrical garage door problems.

Misaligned track:

A garage door slide along a metal track which aids it in opening and closing smoothly! If you are having issues opening your door, it could be because of an alignment issue.


The majority of homeowners use their garages as storage rooms. If you are one of those homeowner who love to pack your garage with all kinds of items, something may get knocked over unintentionally and obstruct the photo eye sensor, which eventually create issue in closing the door. Even normal dust can be an obstacle.

Normal wear & tear:

As with any appliances, the hardware accountable for closing and opening your overhead door are subject to wear & tear. For instance, rollers can wear out.

The photo eye:

This is a small sensor positioned on both sides of your overhead door, generally a few inches from the ground. They transmit an indiscernible ray across your overhead door, assuring it does not shut on top of a person or object. It is a critical safety feature but can malfunction because of bad weather or water damage disturbing the circuit.

No matter how small or large your garage door issue is, you should always steer clear of DIY garage door repair in Beltsville MD. Instead call a garage door expert like BWI Garage Doors for immediate assistance. Having our garage door technician come out immediately when you see something wrong with your overhead door can help you in avoiding major replacement cost.

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