What is Computer Preventive Maintenance & Corrective Maintenance?

System maintenance is an umbrella term that encompasses different forms of computer maintenance services required to keep a system running. The 2 major components of system maintenance are preventive & corrective maintenance.

Computer Maintenance Service

Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is the proactive upkeep of equipment prior to a fault or failure. This type of maintenance generally involves routine tasks to make sure that your computer is running at its peak to prevent issues before they emerge. Preventive maintenance is identical to routine upkeep conducted on a vehicle: in the same manner you’ve to intermittently check the engine, lights, oil, and other components of the vehicle to ensure everything is in order, the same rule is applicable to preventive upkeep for a computer.

There’re many preventative measures businesses can take, including scanning for viruses & malware, installing Windows updates, and running cleaning programs. Anti-malware and anti-virus scans must be run at least once a week. Ensure to run updates for these programs as soon as they are released, as new malware and viruses pop up regularly. Installing a firewall, keeping your network secure, and employing safe downloading habits can safeguard your business PC and any data on it from being compromised.

Power surges & overheating can ruin electronic equipment, so safeguard your hardware by investing in a surge protector. If any precautionary measures fail, it’s always recommended to have a backup for critical files.

Corrective Maintenance:

Corrective maintenance is the rectification of an issue after the PC has already broken down. The objective of this sort of maintenance is to restore the functionality of the computer either by fixing the issue or replacing the damaged hardware. Typical corrective measures include removing malware and viruses, uninstalling spiteful programs, reformatting, and running a system restore, among others.

Though many computer issues can be fixed easily, it’s critical to first diagnose the issue & find out the main cause. If you’re not sure of the cause of how to sort out the issue, getting in touch with an IT professional would be your best bet.

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