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What Made Princess Diana the People’s Princess

Princess Diana was popularly called as the “People’s Princess” for a very good reason – her friendly, down-to-earth and caring personality changed the way the royals were judged. A projected 2.5 billion people across the globe viewed Princess Diana’s funeral on 6th September 1997 and it appeared the entire globe was heartbroken.


Positive Influence:

She brought the notion of what a princess should be into the 21st century, rationalizing the role from its preceding imposing elevation. She took a practical tactic, stopping to talk to people who don’t have home while the press followed her. She knows cameras are going to follow her all the time and she like to use this publicity to convey a well-intentioned cause.

Generous Work:

The People’s Princess made news by personally launching the 1st well-equipped HIV & AIDS unit at the London Middlesex Hospital. Overlooking the disgrace associated with AIDS at the time, Diana shook the hand of a man who had AIDS, without wearing gloves – making a statement that AIDS can’t pass on simply by touch. Even after being divorced, she continued her charity work.

Fashion Icon:

Besides being a humanitarian, Diana was a fashion icon as well. She was respected by people from all walks of life for her style & calmness. Her style influenced a generation of women, beginning from her early days when she awarded the pet name “shy Di” as a young nursery school teacher, to her after-marriage style, which comprised lovely designer outfits by the likes of Catherine Walker and Versace.

The black strapless taffeta gown Diana wore for her 1st official engagement in London at Goldsmiths Hall was much counterfeited.

Whatever the princess wore, she did it with absolute confidence, grace, style and poise. From gala balls to polo matches or hospital tours, she always picks the perfect outfit, further appealing to her huge crowd of fans. Rightfully, she was nicknamed “The Queen of Hearts”.


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