What To Consider When Planning For A Room Addition

Need more space in your home? Is your family getting larger? Are your kids growing up & require more space. Do you require a mother-in-law suit now? A room addition could be the way to go.

Room Addition


A room addition is the best way to add space to a home you already love. There’re numerous options available & it’s essential to get in touch with a seasoned home remodeling firm to review your options for room addition in San Francisco Bay Area.


It’s critical that you ascertain the purpose of the renovation or addition and appraise the floor plan of your existing house to see who you can accomplish your purpose. A full service home remodeling firm is the place to start that discussion.

Room Addition


Research zoning & neighborhood deed restrictions:

Most cities follow rules about what one can build & where particularly when they are building an addition. Are there any zoning restrictions to take into account? Does your neighborhood have restrictions? Check with your local building project as you start your project planning or ask your home remodeling firm do it.

Keep the integrity of your home in mind:

How will your addition tie into the home? Adding onto a home needs experience & knowledge to make it look like it belongs to you. You will wish to take into account how the roofline connects to the home, how you will compliment the style of the home, from the exterior and interior finish materials to the windows, utilities and HVAC.

Room Addition


Funding the addition:

Obviously, you’ll have to find out how you’ll pay for the addition. You will have to acquire a solid estimate from a reliable contractor. Then, you can look at your finances & decide if you will pay cash, get an equity line or refinance your home mortgage.

Questions to ask your future home remodeling firm:

This will be a critical step in moving forward with changing your house. Listed below are some questions & research to do before hiring the firm that’ll do the renovation or addition for you:

Room Addition


  • What type of experience they possess in home additions?
  • Are they bonded, licensed and insured?
  • What’s the estimate for the project
  • How long the project will take? Show a specific timeframe
  • Can they tie the addition into the existing home?
  • Will they get the required permits?

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