One Up Vapor – Leading E Juice Company Offering Exotic Flavors

Smoking Kills! This tag line is even written on the cigarette packets still people all over the world find it difficult to quit smoking. And this deadly habit kills a lot of them every year. Besides that several other side effects of smoking are there that include bad breath, diseases like cancer or emphysema, making taste buds tasteless and more. These are quite a few reasons that have made people start thinking to quit smoking. And to help such people several alternatives to cigarettes have evolved such as the vape.

E-cigarettes have become one of the best substitutes for the conventional harmful cigarettes. The e-cigs can be found in different sizes, prices, brands and styles. As there are numerous e-cigs and vaporizers in the market, the quantities of e-liquids and e juices have also increased today. Several brands of e juices can be found today in the market. Among the various brands available One Up Vapor is popular among the vapers due to the amazingly exotic and delectable e juice flavors the company offers.

Some of its most loved e juices by One Up Vapor are –

  • Orgasm


Orgasm by One Up Vapor is an impeccable combination of watermelon and guava. This e juice is an ultimate fruit delight that blends tropical fruits to create a flavor that is unique and uncommon. It offers a cool and sweet vaping experience. Its uniqueness has made it win an award for being the best overall flavor by Zample Box.

Orgasm by One Up Vapor Original 100ml

  • Sour Belts


Sour Belts is yet another classic vape juice by One Up Vapor that mixes the sweet and sour green apple with the strawberry strips straight from the candy store. With each hit you enjoy a sour taste along with tartness of green apple. On the finish this vape juice soothes your taste bud with a juicy fresh strawberry flavor.

Sour Belts by One Up Vapor Original 100ml

  • Churros and Ice Cream


Churros and Ice Cream offers you the taste of an ice cream topped with golden brown churros. This vape juice is a perfect summer delight that offers a refreshing feel. You will be lost in the fog of spicy cinnamon sugar and rich vanilla!

Churros and Ice Cream by One Up Vapor Original 100ml

  • Strawberry Gummy


If you are a die-hard fan of freshly picked strawberries and gummy candies then Strawberry Gummy by One Up Vapor is a true delight for you! Do try this flavor!

  • Sour Power


The perfect combination of green apple and citrus, Sour Power offers you a sour flavor that will shock your senses. A mix of mouthful of crisp green apple with tangy orange and lemon is an ultimate vape juice for vapers looking for a citrusy twist. It is a truly mouthwatering option!

Strawberry Gummy by One Up Vapor Original 100ml

  • Churros and Cereal


Churros with fruit cereal sprinkles! Doesn’t it sound amazing? This amazing and unusual flavor combination is offered by One Up Vapor that combines delectable rainbow crisps with sugary cinnamon taste.


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