What to Do If You’re Garage Door Falls off Its Tracks

If your garage door falls off its tracks, a garage door track repair is what you need to get back on the track immediately. The best thing you can do is look for professional garage door repair near me to make sure you’re not repairing something that could injure you badly.

Whether your track gets bent, gets misaligned, or it makes so much noise, the experts at AZ Garage Door Guru will make sure your garage gets back on track as quickly as possible.

We know how it feels to have a non-functional garage, and this is why we offer emergency garage door repair in Phoenix and the surrounding areas 24/7, 365 days a year.

Let’s find out why overhead doors tend to fall off their tracks in the first place.

Why exactly would your overhead door get off the track?

There’re so many things that can lead to a misaligned or broken track. If your overhead door does get off track, you’re not alone! So many homeowners encounter the same problem; however, they call professional garage door service in Phoenix like AZ Garage Door Guru, to make sure their garage is in safe hands.

The most common reason your garage door may fall off the track is if an obstacle gets in the way. Sometimes, safety sensors mayn’t perceive the obstruction, making the problem to happen. Another common cause could be a garage door opener which has a wrong force setting.

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It’s not pretty common, but it can fall off the track if you hit the door with your vehicle. For instance, if you were to pull out very quickly, without your overhead door being completely opened, due to the car’s force the door may come off its tracks. In other circumstances, an overhead door falls off the track due to a problem with the component of the track system itself. The lift cables can break or the rollers on the track can wear out. Both these things can make your door fall off track without any warning.

Whether it’s due to a defective component or a breakage in the track, it’s essential to have garage door tracks fixed by the experts from AZ Garage Door Guru. We don’t advice trying to repair a garage door track on your own. This is because you can easily injure yourself without right equipment and training.

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