When to Repair Your Garage Door

Your garage is a crucial factor for the safety and curb appeal for your home. The investment on garage doors will help in increasing the safety and listing price of a home. There is no wonder that so many homeowners are eager to replace an old, drab garage door with a new one. However, replacement may not always be the best choice for a homeowner. Repairing could be an excellent option than replacement! So, no need to replace your garage door if you notice any small or big issues with your garage door. You may hire a garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD to fix any one of the following issues that occurs instead of replacing.

Stop working suddenly

If you find your garage door stops, it’s working when you are ready to go for your office or marketing or anything alike. When you find your garage door isn’t working, the first thing you do is calling a garage door repair in Gaithersburg, MD. A sudden breakdown may not be fixed quickly, and if the problem tends to be continued may result in irreparable damage. Also, check to know the batteries are working correctly to run the remote.If the new batteries are not the solution, call a professional to diagnose the problem quickly and make the repair immediately.

Damaged panel

If you, for any instance, dent your garage door with your car or something unexpected happen to your door then, don’t panic! Accidental dents may not be a cause of the end of your door. You need not have to make the total panel replacement. Expert garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD is an affordable and straightforward answer to such issues. They replace the damaged panel and fix the trouble area to transform the garage door as new.

Garage door feels heavy

Garage doors are quite heavy and moved by the springs and lift mechanisms in it. The spring can be wearing down or damaged due to the high tension and heavyweight of the garage door. Ultimately it makes the garage door even heavier to open by hand if your power goes out. A heavy door may signal worn springs. This issue is usually an affordable, quick fix involving a simple replacement of the springs by a professional garage door repair in Gaithersburg, MD. They replace both the spring to keep your door balanced and make your door feel much lighter.

Leaning garage door

Do you find one side of your garage door appears to be lower than the other when the door is closed or remains on the halfway? It indicates you probably have an imbalanced door. It might put an extra burden on your lifting mechanism and speeding up the mechanism’s wear and tear. Balance is essential to the efficiency of a garage door. Specialized garage door repair in Gaithersburg MD will do the needful to the spring, lifting motors and rehang the door to restore its previous balances.

Never fix the garage door issue yourself.

Remember to hire the professionals at BWI Garage Doors to conduct your garage door repairs irrespective of the garage door issues.

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