Why Do You Book a Mombasa Safari Holiday in Kenya?

Introducing Mombasa –

Mombasa is a spectacular historical coastal town in Kenya popularly known for its striking beaches and white-blue colonial architecture. It is the oldest city in Kenya and is a perfect destination for a beach vacation that combines amazing beach days, incredible history and excellent safari.

Mombasa is a beautiful melting pot of languages and cultures from every side of the Indian Ocean and awaits like a decadent dessert for travel enthusiasts intending to make it to the picturesque Kenyan coastline. Mombasa’s unique combination of India, Arabia and Africa is truly enchanting and most safari visitors find themselves falling in love with East Africa’s biggest and most cosmopolitan port.


Taking a Mombasa Safari Holiday in Kenya

If you are planning a safari vacation, why don’t you visit Mombasa in Kenya? Take a look at the post and know why taking a Mombasa safari in Kenya really makes sense.

Vibrant History –

Mombasa is a rich safari destination from a cultural and historical point of view, boasting vacationers with amazing opportunities to explore more about archeological and colonial history. Old Town has the exceptional amalgamation of different social, political, religious and economic activities of different settlers over the years including Portuguese, British and Omani Arabs.

Take a walk along to explore the beautiful intricate architecture, souvenir shop, Kenyan exotic teas and much more. You can visit Fort Jesus and see the 16th Century Portuguese military architecture, along with the Omani House and Swahili displays. There are so many historic sightseeing attractions that you can visit while on the Kenya Mombasa safari vacation.


Beautiful Beaches –

Mombasa is popular for its many beaches with amazing white sands, lush greenery and magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, diving, spa sessions, deep sea fishing, surfing, boat rides, yoga, snorkeling, beach games like football and volleyball, mangrove walks, etc. Top-rated beaches in Mombasa include Bamburi Beach, Nyali Beach, Gazi beach and Moonshine Beach.

Delicious Food –

The Mombasa safari vacation offers vacationers the opportunity to enjoy delicious, mouthwatering food. You can enjoy fresh seafood like crab, lobster, and countless fish species. You can try out a blend of Arabian, European, Indian and African cuisines – all of them are flavored with unique, fresh spices. You can visit top restaurants to enjoy their delicacies.


Excellent Weather –

Mombasa is well-known for its inviting weather all year round. It remains sunny and warm around the year. Though this Kenyan destination receives some rain, the showers remain brief and interrupt rarely tourist activities. The tropical weather of Mombasa offers tourists a truly wonderful safari holiday experience.


Bottom Line –

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