Why Do You Take Apple Bump by Le’ Banger 120ml E-juice?

Are you looking to buy an ejuice that brings in fruity tartness? If yes, trying out Le’ Banger e-liquid collection makes sense. Its fruity e-liquids will add some fun factor to your overall vaping experience. Actually, there are three different flavors to choose from Le’s Banger vape juice line-up – Le’ Banger Apple Bump, Le’ Banger Lemon Fraise and Le’ Banger Purple Powder.

If you really love eating apples, then Apple Bump by Le’ Banger 120ml is ideal for you. This e-liquid gives you the apple cream taste along with a touch of cinnamon. Both flavors combine together exceptionally. In fact, you’ll get the unique flavors of apple and cream along with cinnamon. This e-juice will capture your senses and will make you vape again and again.

Apple Bump by Le' Banger 120ml

What Makes Apple Bump Ejuice by Le’ Banger 120ml Amazing?

Get ready to have a blast of a dance party in your vape tank and amazing clouds. The tasty combo of cinnamon, apples and cream makes the vape taste buds dancing. You’ll find yourself diving into a dance hall heaven – where the fresh October apple slices dance around in a whirlwind of fruity flavor.

You’ll feel like tall cinnamon sticks sliding into your vape tank and you know you can’t resist the sweet seductive fragrance of this Le’ Banger vape juice. The final ingredient in this tasty trinity is the farm fresh cream sloshes cold frothy milk all over the dance floor.

When you have this explosive flavor, you will get to enjoy the flavor-filled clouds. With puffs of rich and seductive cinnamon-laced apple slices dipped in a cold glass of milk, you will satisfy your cloud cravings. This vape juice offers you a chance to enjoy original and intriguing flavor.

Le’ Banger always strives to create flavors that stand out from the rest offering optimal satisfaction with every puff. This ejuice brand doesn’t need any introduction and the tasty spicy flavor satisfies your cravings for cinnamon apple and cream cloud. Buy your bottle today and keep your vape tank fulfilling with rich, flavorful milky fruity clouds.

As the apple pie flavored vape, Apple Bump by Le’ Banger 120ml is greatly complimented by pastry treats. You will get apple and cream blast on inhale and cinnamon as well as sugar on exhale. The warm combination of apple and cream with a hint of cinnamon makes for the ideal vape in winter. This delicious blend won’t leave you disappointed at the end. It comes with Nicotine level of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg as well as VG/PG ratio of 75/25.

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Bottom Line –

Do you want to try this Le’ Banger tasty vaping treat this winter? Try your favorite – Apple Bump by Le’ Banger 120ml bottle available on sale at Ejuice Store. You’ll have refreshing experience at the end. Please take a look at https://www.ejuicestore.com/ and make your purchase today for ultimate vaping experience.

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