Why Do You Use Easy Groove Virgin Concentrate Vinyl Record Cleaner?

Do you want to achieve the best possible sound from your record collection? If yes, you need to take proper care of your record collection. Hence, you need to buy a premium-quality vinyl record cleaner. But why do you want to buy the vinyl records cleaner? Do you think your records need special cleaning?

There are lots of audiophiles that require cleaning their vinyl archive. But it may seem like a surprise, but it’s pretty obvious. Unlike CDs, LPs are made from PVC. They are very delicate and sensitive. Hence, the outside factors can change the way they sound.

Simply put, if your LPs get dirty, they will sound far worse than they are clean. It’s because of the accumulation of dust and dirt particles. With this buildup, the record will sound far worse. In addition, it will cause problems while playing the record when your turntable’s needle collides with the vinyl disc surface.

Hence, you will need a special vinyl clean to care for your LPs properly. Unfortunately, vinyl records are susceptible; therefore, household cleaning items may not work well. In addition, they are designed for entirely different purposes and can badly affect the condition of your LP. This is precisely why you should consider buying Easy Groove Virgin Concentrate – a highly effective vinyl record cleaner.

Why Do You Buy Easy Groove Virgin Concentrate?

It’s a gentle and efficient record cleaning formula. East Groove Virgin Concentrate is perfect for cleaning up your reference records before making a tape copy. In addition, this records cleaner effectively helps clean different types of records, from LPs to ancient,.

If you want a quick and convenient way to clean up records, you should look no further than Easy Groove Virgin Concentrate. This cleaning solution makes sure that your records remain at their best and prolong the lifespan of your cartridge.

Easy Groove Concentrate is a specially formulated solution for cleaning new mint records. Usually, these records are covered with silicon-like grease known as MRA – Mold Release Agent, which makes a muddy sound. MRA helps the vinyl records come quickly from the production press. That’s why this unique formula is developed to handle this type of grease. When you buy Easy Groove Concentrate, you will receive a 100ml natural spray bottle.

How Do You Apply this Vinyl Record Cleaner? 

First, prepare a 100 ml Easy Groove Concentrate solution and 0.9 litres of distilled water. Please wait for a few minutes and let it dissolve perfectly. Consider using this solution in your vacuum record cleaner manual. You can make the use of provided spray to apply manually later.

Bottom Line –

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