Why Would You Elect 100% Vg For An Enhanced Vaping Experience

Hello vaping enthusiasts! Here we are going to discuss about some common questions regarding 100 percent VG e-juices & why someone would elect an e-liquid with no PG. Let’s get started.

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Why’d you wish to purchase 100 percent VG (Vegetable Glycerin)?

There’re so many reasons, but one very common reason is that many vapers are actually allergic to PG (Propylene Glycol). Though the level of allergic reaction may vary from one person to the other, it still has to be considered stringently. The most widespread issue here is that there’re 2 types of labeling for 100 percent VG e-liquids, and that’s simply calling it 100 percent VG, and then there’s Max VG. While they both mean the same thing, in several instances a “Max VG” juice doesn’t entail there’s no PG exist. If you’ve any sort of allergy, it’s critical that you get in touch with the manufacturer of the e-juice and see if it features any traces of PG prior to make your purchase.

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Another reason people prefer 100 percent VG is the sweetness it offer to the taste bud. Between the 2 foremost constituent VG and PG, VG is certainly the sweeter constituents & that’s sometimes enough to make vapers lean towards it over 70/30 or 50/50 juices.

The 3rd reason is that Vegetable Glycerin is the constituent that helps make huge clouds from your vaporizer. It is much thicker in comparison to PG, and contains a higher vaporizing temperature. By having the appropriate equipment to vape a 100 percent VG e-liquid, you can anticipate to find some much denser & bigger clouds with each drag.

Ways to vape 100 percent VG”

The best way to vape 100 percent VG is by using either a sub ohm tank or a rebuidable atomizer. Both of them can be set up to heat the liquid quicker by drawing more power from the battery.

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100 percent VG liquids are not for everybody, neither are they cause any sort of damage to your vaping experience. Having knowledge about the e-juice you’re vaping is critical, and we hope this guide has shed some light on what you can anticipate if you give 100 percent VG e-juices a try.

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