Working with a Trustworthy Container Shipping Company in Perth WA

Shipping containers are considered as one of the most significant units of transportation. They are often used for the storage of loads during the transportation process. That’s why considering the trustworthy container shipping company in Perth WA is important to operate business as smoothly as possible.

Generally, shipping containers are useful for two different types of container transportation i.e. the LCL – Less Than Container Load and the FCL – Full Container Load.


Less Than Container Load – The shipping container has a specific limit for maximum weight or maximum volume. If the container hasn’t used to its full capacity, then the operation is known as LCL. The container can be categorised and grouped to place the load for the LCL container transport. The load groups shouldn’t belong to one recipient.

Full Container Load – When the recipient receives loads no matter whether it has reached the maximum volume or maximum weight limit, the operation is named as FCL. It’s commonly chosen by shippers looking to transport large quantities of loads at once.

Understanding Different Types of Shipping Containers –

Dry Storage Container –

Most common container used for shipping is the dry storage container. The main reasons behind its common use include ease of use and safety.

Flat Rack Container –

This container is well-known for providing space efficiency. The containers collapse when they get empty and can be folded to occupy less space when they are not used. A flat rack container is perfect for container transport of manufacturing equipment such as heavy machinery

Open Side Container –

When the load is wider than the typical dimensions of the container, most shippers consider customised containers that can be used for freight container transport. This is where an open side container comes in handy. As the name suggests, this container can be opened by sides completely. This type of container can be able to accommodate any type of load without additional costs. It is mostly preferred for the agricultural load transport purposes.

Open Top Container –

Likewise open side container, open top container has doors on the top that can be opened to accommodate any height of load comfortably. It’s ideal for manufacturing equipment .

Tank –

When it comes to liquid transport, it can’t be done in ordinary containers. In such circumstances, a tank comes in handy. It’s made from durable, tough and non-corrosive material. Generally, tank can be used for transport of water, oil and other liquids in bulk amount.


Choosing the Container Shipping Company in Perth WA –

When it comes to hiring the container shipping company in Perth WA, you should consider reliability and experience. However, shipping containers are large size, strong metallic boxes used to hold loads during the transportation process. They are used to transport raw materials like grain, oil, equipment, pre-packaged goods, etc. The containers are mostly in rectangular shape and come in different sizes to accommodate different types of loads. Take a look at some of the best benefits of container shipping.

  • Faster transportation
  • Affordability
  • Superior quality shipping protection from theft and harsh weather
  • Flexible transportation
  • Lower energy consumption than any other transport mode

Bottom Line –

When you need a container shipping company in Perth, you should look no further than LOGiST. Through our easy and container transport marketplace, you’ll get in touch with the most qualified company and will receive an estimated cost depending on the time and labor needed to get the job done. For more information, please contact us today at 1300 563 045.

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