3 Saucy Addictions Vape Juice Blends for Your All-Day Vape

Are you looking for all-day vape? Why don’t you buy Saucy Addictions e-juice blends! Take a look at below discussed vape juice blends by Saucy Addictions and get a refreshing vaping experience that’s second to none:

  1. Aloe Vera Ice Vape Juice by Saucy Addictions

Aloe Vera is an important ingredient of traditional medicine and is well-known for its cooling properties. The same is true when it’s used in vape juices. Aloe is often combined with fruit flavored vape juices and can work like a palate cleanser.

It’s ideal for those who are suffering from vaper’s tongue (when you are unable to taste eliquid flavors). The aloe flavor is defined as a perfect combination of sweet and sour notes. The succulent touch brings in a floral note to eliquids for more exotic vaping experiences.

Aloe Vera Ice Vape Juice

Remember that, aloe is not strong enough flavor to appear on its own; but it combines really well with summer fruits and menthol giving a cooling sensation while creating underlying sharp sensation. Choose from VG and PG variations for your ultimate summery vape.

Aloe Vera is fabled for its amazing healing properties and smooth taste. It adds cool, sweet and soothing flavor that will leave you relaxed even on the toughest days. However, Aloe Vera Ice Vape Juice by Saucy Addictions has fresh Aloe Vera infused with succulent white grapes ensuring sweetest possible flavor improved with a menthol finish that is just second to none.

  1. Grapefruit Vape Juice by Saucy Addictions

Grapefruit Vape Juice by Saucy Addictions has an explosion of icy cold, tangy and citrus flavors that will make your mouth feeling like being in an island paradise. Saucy Addictions combines the top-grade ingredients for ultimate grapefruit flavor. It has chilled and tangy delight along with a ripe balance of citrusy sweetness and sourness straight from the market of farmers.

  1. 2PACK BUNDLE by Saucy Addictions

This Bundle Pack is available on Ejuice Store. Upon buying this Saucy Addictions vape juice, you will receive Aloe Vera Ice and Grapefruit of 60ml bottle in the same nicotine level. Moreover, the Aloe Vera Ice by Saucy Addictions has refreshing infusion of Aloe Vera and white grapes offering sweetest flavor along with a menthol finish. The Grapefruit Vape Juice by Saucy Addictions is a chilled and tangy flavor that comes with a perfect balance of citrusy sweetness and sourness.

Bottom Line –

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