Treat Yourself Queenside Vape Juice by Five Pawns

Five Pawns is the premier name in the e-juice industry. All of their vape juices are handmade in ultra small batches. The sheer quality and flavor profile of these delicious e-liquids are simply unmatched in the industry. They are carefully made by a professional team of expert artisans. Rest assured that, no vape juice product leaves their facility until they have attained unmatched perfection.

So, it’s time to treat yourself a bottle of truly premium Queenside Vape Juice by Five Pawns. Generally, Five Pawns team specializes in extracting their delicious flavorings from the finest base ingredients that are sourced in the USA. They use the premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Five Pawns invest enough time and money in doing thorough research and manufacturing their extensive line up of sophisticated and complex flavors.

Queenside Vape Juice

Queenside vape juice allows you to enjoy a much healthier vaping experience; even you can choose your preferred nicotine strength that suits you the most. As soon you heat the e-liquid by the coil in your vaping device, the e-liquid turns into a vapor that you then inhale and exhale.

You will feel like Queenside flavor is second to none. Five Pawns expert artisans concocts deliciously citrus based vape juice with juicy blood oranges. This vape juice has a perfect touch of creamy vanilla giving an amazing finish to your overall vaping experiences.

Queenside is a uniquely balanced e-liquid flavor that will make you come back again and again. It produces amazing vapors and nice throat hits that make this vape juice extremely unique and flavorful.

Like every vape juice flavor, Queenside has the finest USP or food grade ingredients and the premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine. All of their ingredients are sourced from locals. Their e-liquids are made in the state of California, USA.

Queenside by Five Pawns vape juice is a gourmet vape made with a perfect blend of French vanilla and Bavarian cream flavors. Its gentle flavor is exceptionally balanced. This all-day vape will make you ask for more.

Queenside combines delicate blood orange along with exquisitely flavored French vanilla. This vape juice flavor offers light, creamy and citrus flavor. It has a long lineup of perfectly made eliquids from the quality craftsmen available at Five Pawns.

This premium standard vape juice has amazing flavors of delicate blood orange that intensifies the citrus based ejuice. It’s exiquisitely blended with creamy French vanilla flavors to maintain a gentle and unique balance. This vape juice will get you from a flavor to the next every time you vape.

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