4 Mistakes You Must Not Make When Looking For An MSP

Selecting the wrong managed IT services in New York City to support your IT system is not just very frustrating but also can be very expensive in the long run. It could result in data loss, downtime and not to say the frustration and headaches of broken-down IT! Therefore, it becomes essential that you partner with the right managed IT service provider. However, there are a few mistakes you must not make when looking for an MSP. Let’s find out what are they:

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Selecting a managed service provider with the lowest price:

When looking for a managed IT service in New York City, you might be enticed to collaborate with the firm that gives you the lowest bid. However, this is not the best way to go about especially when it involve your IT system. You’ve to ensure that the level of service is comparable between vendors prior to you can precisely appraise their offers.

Selecting An MSP without having a discussion in-person:

Before choosing any MSP, it’s suggested to visit their office in person, so that you can become accustomed to the work environment and the personnel working for the company. Ask them to offer a written proposal. Be clear when talking about your expectations and what sort of issues you wish them to sort out. The MSP should offer to conduct an IT assessment of your network.

Selecting an MSP who does not comprehend your network infrastructure:

MSP should conduct a network assessment to acquire a clear picture of the existing network of all new customers, prior to signing a service agreement. Without an appraisal, the managed service provider wouldn’t understand the extent of the problems or exposures in the network of a potential new client.

Hiring an MSP without speaking to many of their present clients:

Check multiple references! Verify the industry experience and customer service skills of the company by asking for at least 4-5 references.


Finding the right managed IT service in New York City is no doubt can be a stressful task. But by taking your time to completely understand what each MSP provides in regards of services, response time, adaptivity, customer satisfaction, and guarantees, you can definitely choose the best service provider in the business.

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