5 Important Factors to Consider While Planning Commercial Kitchen Installation in Portland Oregon

A commercial kitchen is larger and more complex than a residential kitchen. You cannot design, install, and maintain a commercial kitchen efficiently without preparing an elaborate plan. While planning commercial kitchen installation in Portland Oregon, you need to focus extensively on optimum utilization of space, material and labor. The installation plan must cover all important components of a commercial kitchen.

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Also, it needs to explore ways to keep the restaurant kitchen in good order over a longer period of time. At the same time, strategy must clearly define how to accomplish various tasks efficiently and comply with stringent health and safety guidelines. It is always important to keep in mind a slew of key factors while designing and installing a commercial kitchen in Portland Oregon.

5 Key Points to Consider While Installing a Commercial Kitchen in Portland Oregon

  1. Key Components of the Commercial Kitchen

You cannot boost efficiency and productivity of kitchen staff without creating a fluid workspace. To keep the workplace fluid, you need to define all components of the restaurant kitchen clearly. The installing plan must clearly define areas for crucial activities like food preparation, food services, food storage, cleaning and dishwashing.

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  1. Required Kitchen Equipments

In addition to defining key components of the commercial kitchen, the installation plan must list the required kitchen equipments elaborately. It is also a great idea to divide the kitchen equipments into relevant groups like food preparation, food display and food storage. Also, the list must clearly mention the additional equipments required to enable staffs to carry out routine tasks efficiently and safely.

  1. Location of Kitchen Equipments

After preparing an elaborate list of kitchen equipments, the installation plan must define flow of the kitchen based on location of individual equipments. There are always chances that you have to install food preparation and service stations additionally to boost kitchen flow. Likewise, you need to use stationary prep tables to keep food processor, sandwich maker, mixers and similar equipment properly.

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  1. Multiple Storage Options

In addition to simplifying food preparation, the installation strategy needs to emphasize on selecting the right food storage option. You must clearly define the space for dry storage and cold storage. Also, each of the food storage spaces must contain utility and add-on racks to store various foods and beverages in the most effective way.

  1. Health and Safety Regulations

While planning and designing a commercial kitchen, you must comply with the latest rules and regulations related to food and restaurant safety. It is always important to set up a kitchen that enables the kitchen staff to carry out tasks without sustaining injuries and catching infections. The installation strategy must emphasize on fire safety equipment installation, fire safety procedure implementation and prevention of common restaurant injuries.

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The professional commercial kitchen installation and repair service providers in Portland Oregon help you to install, maintain, and repair various commercial kitchen equipments without investing extra time and resources. A reliable commercial kitchen installation service provider will help you to keep the restaurant kitchen in good condition over a longer period of time.

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