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Most explorers who decide to invest energy in Jordan are in awe of its assorted variety and amazing excellence and eventually leave feeling contacted by the liberality and graciousness of its people. From dazzling characteristic landscapes to widely acclaimed authentic and religious destinations, Jordan is genuinely a concealed jewel of the Middle East. Likewise, Jordan is loaded with places imperative to Christianity. Its scriptural history ranges from the Book of Genesis to the New Testament.

This land east of the Jordan River was classified “Perea” by the Greeks, which implied the “territory beyond.” It incorporates the majority of the urban communities of the Decapolis. Here, Jesus showed hoards, performed marvels and cast out evil presences, as he went back and forth between east and west, announcing His message. The capital city of Amman, old Philadelphia, a Decapolis city, is a flourishing city of old and new and is regularly the main stop for guests to Jordan – the eastern piece of the Holy Land.

Today, travelers can visit and pray in the recently reestablished Memorial of Moses, which houses unbelievable survivors from mosaics from prior holy places. The individuals who visit the mountain’s summit – effectively open by transport and vehicle – have the pleasure of witnessing the staggering all encompassing perspectives on the Jordan River, Dead Sea, Bethlehem and different locales, similarly as Moses would have each one of those hundreds of years back.

organized by reputed tour operators enable one to be at places of religious importance in Jordan and have a religious vacation. Let us have a look at some places that one needs to visit to have a religious expedition.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Biblical Tours

The UNESCO World Heritage Site on the River Jordan was where the baptism of Jesus happened by John, as per the Gospel of John 1:26-28. Now and then referenced in the Old Testament as Bethabara, it additionally shows up on the Byzantine mosaic guide of the Holy Land in Madaba, assisting with affirming its area. Bethany Beyond the Jordan on the east bank of the Jordan River has authentication by all significant Christian denominations.

It is also one of the places visited by the last three Popes. After the Jordan-Palestinian territory peace treaty agreement was marked in 1996, removal of landmines and excavations uncovered a third century working with fine mosaics, just as a fifth-century cloister. Numerous pilgrims come to this “Wilderness of John” for their own sanctification, given its significant hugeness to the Christian confidence.

Umm Qais

Biblical Tours

The Bible lets us know, “They sailed to the area of the Gerasenes, which is over the lake from Galilee. At the point when Jesus ventured shorewards, He was met by an evil presence from the town” (Luke 8:26-27). Present-day Umm Qais is the old Decapolis city of Gadara. The city that overlooks the Sea of Galilee is the site of Jesus’ miracle of the Gadarene swine, throwing spirits out of two insane men and into a crowd of pigs, which at that point ran into the ocean and suffocated.

The structures of the city are a blend of Ancient Greco-Roman remnants interlaced with places of an Ottoman town that were manufactured utilizing dark basalt stone, giving the city an exclusive feel. The town flaunts ravishing perspectives with its blooming fields and forested slopes that offer a path to the bluffs sitting above the broad display of the antiquated Sea of Galilee, Lake Tiberias.

The Dead Sea

As the absolute bottom on the world’s surface, the Dead Sea is an interesting natural wonder. Straddling the fringe among Palestinian territory and Jordan, the mineral substance on this 75km-long and 10km-wide saltwater lake is 33 percent, which is around multiple times as salty as of an ordinary sea. The unimaginably high salt substance implies the Dead Sea is very light, making it difficult to sink or swim in. Given this, you can just weave around in the water. Known as the Dead Sea, which is as it should be.

Nothing can live in it – there are no fish, kelp or plants of any sort in or around the water. What you will see on the shore are bunches of white, sea salts. Many accept that these salts have therapeutic forces and helpful characteristics, thus the Dead Sea is an extraordinary spot to evaluate a spot of spoiling in the nearby spas. Numerous scriptural areas are a short drive from the Dead Sea, including Bethany-beyond- the-Jordan, Mount Nebo and Mukawir, the stronghold where imprisonment and killing of John the Baptist happened.

Tel Mar Elias

Biblical Tours

Otherwise called Khirbet al Wahadneh, found a couple of kilometers from the Zarqa River, Tel Mar Elias is accepted to be the origin of the prophet Elijah, a local of Gilead in Trans Jordan. Elijah rises up out of the Trans Jordan about a century after the time of David and Solomon. The site has since been recognized as the antiquated town of Listib, the site originally occupied in the Roman and Byzantine periods. It is an old site of the journey and has one of the biggest Byzantine places of worship in Jordan, with a progression of tombs underneath and beautiful mosaic floors.


Biblical Tours

Jerash, another city of the Decapolis, known for the vestiges of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa, likewise alluded to as Antioch on the Golden River. It is now and again misleadingly alluded to as the “Pompeii of the Middle East,” alluding to its size, degree of unearthing and level of safeguarding, however, Jerash was never covered by a fountain of liquid magma. Representing the artfulness of Roman urban life, the town flaunts a hippodrome, an old games field that once held 15,000 observers and a staggering amphitheater with astounding enhancement abilities.


Biblical Tours

A laid-back resort arranged on the highest point of the Red Sea on the Gulf of Aqaba, it is Jordan’s only entryway to the ocean. The region is famous for its flawless sandy seashores, clear waters and vivid reefs studded with marine life. It is an incredible spot for water sports, for example, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing and angling and it’s a perfect spot for unwinding. Truly, Aqaba flaunts destinations going back to 4,000 BC, including the ongoing disclosure of what might be the most established church dating from the third century AD, the remaining parts of the medieval walled city of Ayla and a Mamluk post.


Biblical Tours

The Bible notices Madaba and the region of focal Jordan on different occasions. Stories that occurred in Madaba, Medeba in the Bible, incorporate Exodus, David’s war against the Moabites detailed in 2 Samuel 8:2, just as Isiah’s prediction of fate for Moab as in Isaiah 15:1-9, and Moab’s disobedience to Palestinian territory as in 2 Kings 1:1.

Madaba has gained prominence for its fine mosaic workmanship. Rich assortments of early Byzantine mosaics are in display at the Madaba Archeological Park yet the most astounding showcase is the world-well-known sixth-century mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the Orthodox Church of St. George. The perfect work of art covers the floor of the congregation and is the most punctual enduring religious guide of the Holy Land in any structure.

Mount Nebo

Biblical Tours

Mount Nebo is a high, breezy outcrop in Jordan that overlooks the Dead Sea and a significant part of the Holy Land. This was Moses’ last stop on the Exodus from Egypt. He could see the Holy Land of Canaan – on a sunny morning, you can see Jerhico and Jerusalem – however, God did not permit him to finish the excursion as detailed in Deuteronomy 32:48-52. He died on Mount Nebo, however still now no one has found his tomb. It is additionally accepted that the prophet Jerimiah concealed the Arc of the Covenant in a cavern on Mount Nebo, yet that has never been found either.

In the fourth century, Christians fabricated a congregation at the highest point of Mount Nebo to remember Moses. The congregation ruins contain fantastic mosaics. Outside, a Serpentine Cross overlooks the all-encompassing perspective. The snake speaks to the bronze snake Moses took into the desert to ensure his kin, and the cross speaks to Jesus’ torturous killing. Hundreds of years after the fact, the image of the Serpentine Cross came to speak to the healing capacities of the pharmaceutical business.

Amman and the Kings Highway

Biblical Tours

The capital of Jordan is an innovative city in the north with numerous lodgings from extravagance to essential, an assortment of cafés, exhibition halls, shops, and everything a contemporary explorer needs. It’s additionally home to antiquated Roman remnants including a theater, a sanctuary, and Byzantine temples.

In Biblical occasions, the King’s Highway associated Rabath Ammon, present-day Amman, toward the southern urban areas. Moses mentioned entry on the King’s Highway during the Exodus yet was declined as known from Numbers 20:14-21. Without a doubt, numerous other Biblical figures utilized the lane as they approached their life purpose in Jordan.


The Nabataeans from the third century BC until the mid-second century AD when the Romans took control governed Petra, the city slashed from the rock. Moses went through the region and legend has it that it was at the spring in Wadi Musa, Valley of Moses, where he struck the stone and opposed God as in Numbers 20:10-13, prompting his definitive death on Mount Nebo. Aaron, sibling of Moses additionally disappointed God, so he, as well, was ‘assembled to his kin’ and covered at Jabel Harun, Mount Horas in Numbers 20:22-24.

Since Petra was a significant exchanging focus on the Silk Road interfacing Asia, Mesopotamia, Africa, and Europe, almost certainly, it was the last stop for the three savvy men as they made a trip to Bethlehem with endowments of gold, frankincense, and myrrh for infant Jesus as detailed in Matthew 2:1-12.

Security of Biblical Tours in Jordan

Biblical Tours

Jordan is a sheltered and stable piece of the Holy Land to visit. The ethnically differing populace is open and welcoming to religious explorers looking for profound and social improvement. English is broadly spoken, and individuals are liberal and affable. Despite the fact that Jordan’s neighbors have endured disturbance and war, it stands calmly in the focal point of the antiquated Holy Land.

As Christians, we frequently find out about scriptural spots and accounts of Jesus’ life; however, have no genuine settings since we have never made a trip to those spots. Venturing out to places like Jordan is an excursion of a lifetime, especially for any Christian hoping to walk where Jesus strolled.

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