6 Best New Arrival Five Pawns Vape Juice Flavors

Like every vaping enthusiast, you always look for something new to try out and enjoy to the fullest. So, what about buying new arrival Five Pawns vape juice flavors? Are you excited to try different flavors? If yes, then take a look at Five Pawns flavorful delights discussed below:

  1. Castle Long by Five Pawns

Castle Long is a gourmet vape from Five Pawns. This e-juice comes with the amazing notes of toasted coconut e-liquid flavors and roasted almonds ensuring a well-balanced mellow taste. The Five Pawns vape juice is complemented with Madagascar and French vanillas.

Castle Long has caramelized brown sugar with the subtle essence of Kentucky bourbon. You’ll get a truly unmatched vaping experience at the end. So, it’s time to reward you with this premium vaping treat.

  1. Bowden’s Mate by Five Pawns

Bowden’s Mate is also a gourmet vape made with seductive texture of semi-sweet chocolate flavor. This vape delight is sure to please even the decadent palate. It’s sharpened with fresh and crispy mint to capture the exhilarating gradients.

This Five Pawns vape juice has the creamy French vanilla finish. If you’re looking for a refreshing or perfect flavor for a dinner party, you can’t go wrong with Bowden’s Mate by Five Pawns.

  1. Symmetry Six by Five Pawns

Symmetry Six features with strawberry vape juice flavoring and well-cooked rhubarb. This vape flavor is again enhanced with Graham cracker crumbles and savory cut oat grains. Symmetry Six by Five Pawns has the hint of velvety vanilla cream and is sure to satisfy both dessert and fruit lovers out there.

  1. Gambit by Five Pawns

Gambit is made with Granny Smith apples offering mellow apple pie taste. This premium standard vape has a hint of caramel eLiquid flavoring. Think about a flaky crust with a dollop of French Vanilla ice cream and unsweetened whipped cream! Your Five Pawns Gambit vape juice will remind you the sweet apple pie made by your beloved grandmother.

  1. Grandmaster by Five Pawns

The Five Pawns Grandmaster has creamy rich peanut butter edge. This smoothened vape juice is made with fresh banana cream and drizzled with velvety caramel flavoring. It’s even considered as an all-day vape for most people and vapers from all around the world. This Five Pawns eLiquid transcends the ultimate mellow sweetness.

  1. Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns

The Five Pawns Black Flag Risen vape juice comes with creamy cappuccino e-juice flavoring and enhanced with flue cured sweet Virginia tobacco for a full-body taste. It has a light truffle cream and mocha-dusted black walnut flavor finish. The Black Flag Rise vape juice by Five Pawns mimics two different tastes that go together like no other for an incredible vaping experience.

Black Flag Risen Vape Juice

Bottom Line –

Now you’re well aware of the vape juice varieties available from Five Pawns. So, what’s your favorite flavor? Find your favorite Five Pawns flavors from Ejuice Store and create enormous vaping experience that you’re craving for all the while. Visit our website today and get started your next vape purchase!

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