Bathroom Renovation – Essential Tips to Kick Start the Process

Renovating your bathroom might sound incredibly gratifying initially; however the entire process can be an overwhelming experience. But when it is done with a proper planning that includes everything that you need in your remodeling, the process can be made simpler. So are you planning for bathroom renovation in San Francisco Bay Area? Then check out some of the essential tips that will help you kick start your bathroom renovation process.


  • Smaller Bathroom Fixtures are the Go to Go

Smaller things usually put bigger impacts! And as far as bathroom fixtures are concerned, smaller ones add more elegance. Adding smaller fixtures such as faucets, towel holders and decorative lightings to your bathroom not only add elegance but also make your bathroom a spacious one. Also, look for fixtures that match up with the finishing of your bathroom that includes the knobs and lightings together. Place lighting in central location for maximum illumination.

  • Keep the Larger Items Purposeful

While buying larger items for your bathroom you must analyze the functionality and style ofeach piece thoroughly especially the mirrors, cabinets and vanities. Similarly, while choosing bath tubs or showers, make sure to prioritize practicality over style and luxury. However, that does not mean you should overlook the style and luxury but keeping practicality a notch higher will be beneficial in the long run.


  • Layout Consideration

Overall layout of your bathroom is also an essential thing to consider while planning renovating it. You must analyze the renovation plan of your bathroom so that you can make the best use of the space. For instance, if you are thinking of renovating your master bathroom, choose the amenities that will make you feel at home. You can consider re-tiling, re-wiring and re-organizing the things within the room. And if you are considering a smaller bathroom for renovation then make sure to create a space that looks bigger by adding more lighting, removing unnecessary items and incorporating smaller bathroom fixtures as already mentioned.

  • Décor of Your Bathroom

Renovation of bathrooms not necessarily means that you must rip up the floor! With simple and minute changes in the décor of your bathroom, you can achieve more modest bathroom. Stylish lightings, a few coats of paint and updating shelves and art, can transform your bathroom model into something more elegant.

  • Add fun Stuffs to Kid’s Bathrooms

If you are renovating your kid’s bathroom then make sure to keep things fun while keeping safety in mind. Add bright colors, cool textures and creative art in their bathrooms. Also, make sure to keep things that are appropriate for your kid’s age.



Bathroom renovation is one of the most incredible experiences when done with proper planning and with the help of experts. If you are looking for bathroom renovation San Francisco Bay Area professionals then you can rely upon the experts of Promodeling Inc.

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