Moroccan Rug Boasts The Spectacular Glory Of Traditional Art And Culture From Morocco

Not only are Moroccan rugs gorgeous, but they are also loaded with stories and traditional work of art for your floor. It’s an investment that retains its value and charm for longer. Atlas Mountain range Moroccan rugs are created by the Berber tribe, whose stories are extended far beyond their village and into homes across the world.

moroccan rugs

That natural and cozy wool rug beneath your feet is not just a floor covering. It’s an inexpensive element in your home that rich in history. Most exotic Moroccan rugs are an ancient art form, passed down for generations. To mention a few of them for your home interior are as follows.

Azilal rugs 

Azilal rugs are traditionally hand-woven by Berber craftswomen at the Azilal region in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Such rugs are beautiful in color and vary from neutral to bright shades. Its designs are featured with the range from a freestyle striking pattern to geometric shapes.

moroccan rugs

Every Azilal rug has its own personality, pattern, and symbolism that express the weaver’s aspirations in life! It also has a unique story to tell. Such rugs are carefully knotted by an expert craftsman by hand, usually by a woman, and some of them even take years to complete. The pattern and symbolism in the rug are depicting the voice and expression of the weaver.

It usually tells a rich story of her life and what is happening to her during that time. Overall it is made from 100% pure sheep’s wool collected from Atlas Mountain. Such unique pieces of modern art (Moroccan Rug) can fit wonderfully in any décor, including the floor or even hanging on a wall. 

Beni Ourain

The antique weaving technique and excellent wool quality make the BeniOurain rugs homeowners preferred choice. They are hand-woven by traditional Berber craftsman, and that is incredibly dense and luxurious in quality. Beniourain rugs can often be found in many different and desirable dimensions to fit in both small and huge spaces. You can even get the custom-made BeniOurain rugsto meets your desired pattern or design and size. You can achieve it by getting touch with a reputed local Moroccan rug manufacturer and supplier for inquiry regarding custom pieces.

moroccan rugs


Boucherouite, pronounced as (boo-shay-reet), is a rug style specific to rural tribes of Morocco. They came into existence to replace the traditional materials like natural sheep’s wool and are hand-loomed by expert Berber women from recycled rag strips and yarns from a variety of ‘found’ textile remnants including wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, Lurex, nylon, and plastic. It is one-of-a-kind, exclusive artwork in itself, featuring improved patterns and an array of vivid color. The difficult choice is to decide the best one that will adorn your wall or floor! The colors are neutral, and you must love to own it.

Whether you live in a palace or an apartment, Moroccan rugs will surely fit your space! To know more about Moroccan rugs, trust in Weberber a premier name in the Moroccan Berber rug. They sell a wide range of Moroccan rugs made by skilled craftsmen. Everything they produce and sell is handmade from good quality material, and their goal is to fulfill each client’s desire. You can Stay connected with us on  facebook , twitter and pinterest pages.-