Try Out Purple Powder, Lemon Fraise, & Apple Bump by Le’ Banger Vape Juice

When you’re out in the market for ejuice flavors, the Le’ Banger vape juice collection goes around your taste buds by bring in the tartness of fruits. The Apple Bump by Le’ Banger has an apple cream along with a touch of cinnamon whereas the Purple Powder tickles your delight of your favorite purple powder candy. Offering the rich flavored taste, the Le’ Banger 120ml allows you get your fix of tart and fruity taste in the best way as possible.

Purple Powder by Le’ Banger 120ml

Purple Powder by Le’ Banger is an amazing vape that has juicy grape flavor complemented by the sweet sugary pixy finish. On the inhale, you will have grape and power dust and candy delight with exhale. The grape flavor consistently satisfies every vaper through its sweeter and sugary finish.

Purple Powder by Le' Banger 120ml

Purple Powder Ejuice by Le’ Banger 120ml has been one of the most popular candy flavored e-juice in the vaping industry. Combined with sugary dust flavor and sweet concord grapes, the Purple Powder stands out as a showstopper for those who craze about chasing cloud.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this Le’ Banger e-juice today and this delicious blend won’t leave you disappointed for sure.

Lemon Fraise by Le’ Banger 120ml

Apart from Purple Powder, the Lemon Fraise by Le’ Banger is the strawberry lemonade flavored vape that comes with fruit sweet hard candy. Get to enjoy the tartness of lemon citrus in inhale and embrace the craziness of the fresh ripe strawberry with exhale.

Lemon Fraise by Le' Banger 120ml

Combined with this rejuvenating flavor, the Lemon Fraise is an ideal all-time vape for summer. The Lemon Fraise Ejuice by Le’ Banger allows you uncover a party with full of clouds, featuring with hard candies of zesty lemon and sun-kissed strawberries. You will be unable to resist the jamming beat of tasty sweetness and sour goodness of this vape.

Apple Bump by Le’ Banger 120ml

Apple Bump by Le’ Banger 120ml is an apple pie flavorful vape that gets complimented by a pastry treat. You will get the blast of apple and cream in inhale and the craze of cinnamon and sugar in exhale. The warm blend of cream and apple is supported by a touch of cinnamon making for the all-time winter vape.

Apple Bump by Le' Banger 120ml

The Apple Bump has been considered as one of the most delectable dessert flavored vape juices in the vaping industry. Take this chance to try out the trifecta of tasty flavors like farm fresh cream, sweet apple and spicy cinnamon. Make your clouds dancing into the oblivion while puffing on this sweet and creamy ejuice.

Bottom Line –

Le’ Banger has always created unique flavors that stand out from the rest and the vape juice manufacturer strives to deliver ultimate satisfaction with every puff. Even its vape juices don’t need any introduction –the delightful grape pixies satisfying your insatiable candy fruit cravings.

Grab a bottle of Le’ Banger vape juice today from Ejuice Store and keep your tank filled with rich, flavorful e-liquids complementing your vaping preferences. For more information, please visit our website at

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