BOLT Grape Ice Disposable Pod for All-Day Satisfying Vape Experience

BOLT is an electrifyingly bold and new pre-filled disposable device. It’s compact, light and portable. All BOLT disposables don’t require maintenance, charging or refilling. When your BOLT runs out of battery or juice, you should simply opt for a replacement.

Generally, BOLT is available in three different nicotine strengths – 0% (0MG), 2% (20MG) and 5% (50MG). Every BOLT disposable comes with pre-filled e-liquid of 1.3ml which is more than enough to stay satisfied for all day.

However, BOLT disposable is a small and compact pod system with 1.3ml capacity tank and nicotine strength of 5%, 2% and 0% in every flavor. Each device contains around 350 puffs and is available with a fully charged battery. It means, you can start vaping immediately without getting stressed about the hassles of requiring it to charge the device. Every pack comprises of a Bolt Disposable device.

These disposable pods are convenient and are like small bottles of e-liquid that you just need to pop into your device and start vaping immediately. They are so portable; so you can take different flavored notes along with you at a time and switch out whenever you’d like without worrying about mixing flavors. In fact, the disposables allow you to avoid carrying big bottles of vape juice in your pocket or purse. They are just ideal options for people who like to vape on the go.

These disposables help in accelerating the transition away from combustible cigarettes. BOLT is the first disposable vape system available with a nicotine step-down alternative. There are specific features that make BOLT disposable device stand out from the rest. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Disposable device without any charging, refilling and maintenance
  • 3ml pre-filled Salt NIC e-liquid per disposable stick
  • 280mAh internal battery
  • Pre-charged device
  • Simple Puff Activation
  • Pre-filled e-juice ensuring no messy refills
  • Salt Nicotine strengths for precise cigarette style throat hit
  • Up to 350 puffs – approximately equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes i.e. 20 cigarettes
  • Compact, portable and light

Buying Grape Ice Disposable Pod by BOLT

When you buy Grape Ice Disposable Pod by BOLT, you will be able to enjoy delicious vape with zero upkeep. After an estimated 300 puffs and once the life cycle ends, the device is required to be disposed. It integrates with all features that enable you to enjoy a hassle-free and delightful vaping experience.

Grape Ice Disposable Pod by BOLT

Upon vaping this flavor, you’ll feel like tasting a popping up grape in a freezer. Grape Ice is the latest addition to BOLT flavored lineup. It’s an in-your-face grape flavor which is tempered smoothly with a strong glaze of icy cold menthol.

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