Creative and Romantic Engagement Photography Trends

Engagement marks the end of whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.” How true is that! So, are you all set to begin your eternal love saga with your beloved anytime soon? Want to make this new beginning special and memorable? Getting engaged in Los Angeles? Then you must hire an engagement photographer of Los Angeles who can capture this special day in the most exclusive and creative way.

Destination Wedding Photography

Look for an engagement photographer in Los Angeles who realizes the true essence of your special day and incorporates the current trends into it for crafting memories that you will relish for life. For that you need to know the trends. So what are some of the creative trends of engagement photography? Have a look –

Captured in the Rain

Engagement photos in the rain look sweet and romantic as hell as it brings your personality as well as your partner’s personality in adverse conditions. Moreover, such photographs shows that your love will shine even in the most dreary of days.

Snowy Capture

Another appealing trends of engagement photography is the snowy capture due to the similar reasons as that of rainy captures along with added coziness and love.

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At the Beach

Beaches are love and one of the most romantic backdrops for an engagement photography session. Add that extra romance to your photographs with beach backdrops and relish them throughout your life.

Amidst the Mountains

Getting engaged or captured amidst the mountains is one of the most exciting ways especially you and your partner are outdoorsy. Let your adventurous side get highlighted while illustrating the love between you two.

At Home

What will be the most cozy and romantic place than your own home? Engagement photo shoots at home are extremely intimate and personal which allows the couples to show their true love and shine in a space you created together.

Incorporate Colors and Paints in the Photo Shoot

Colors and paints make the photography look more vibrant. Moreover, colors and paint fights are a fun way to celebrate your love while feeling excited.

Theme Based Engagement Photos

Use different themes to make your engagement photography session get special and unique. Theme based engagement photos allow you and your partner to show your matching personality and traits. You can include themes such as vintage, movie, Disney land or travel and let people know what makes you both a unique couple.



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