Top E-Juice Ingredients To Avoid For A Safe Vaping Experience

The argument on whether vaping is healthier compared to smoking is still on progress. But there’s no hesitation that relying on the e-liquid found in pre-filled vape cartridges, vaping still remains the better choice. However, you must take safety measures on the ingredients employed to male e-liquid. Basic ingredients for e-liquid encompass PG & VG. These ingredients are safe but extra ingredients generally added for flavor may be injurious to your wellbeing.

Being a reputed supplier of high-quality e-juice supplier, we’d like to aware our customers about the ingredients to avoid while buying e-juice.


Diacetyl is known to be the most injurious among all e-juice ingredients. The ingredient made headlines after it was found that employees who had worked in a popcorn factory contracted bronchiolitis after breathing in high volume of diacety for a long span of time. Diacetyl is an additive employed to produce appetizing buttery flavor we crave in our microwave popcorn. So while the level of diacetyle had been tested in food, it hadn’t been realized prior to this occurrence that breathing in diacetyle could be possibly hazardous. So for your own knowledge you now know that due to this occurrence, Bronchiolitis is commonly known as “popcorn lungs”.

Titanium dioxide:

The nano particles discovered in titanium dioxide can lead to oxidative stress. This is in fact the main cause of mutations, inflammations, and cell damage. These cause havoc on your immune system & prompt several health issues. This is very evident especially when you inhale it in large volumes. You must steer clear of e-liquid made with titanium oxide as the compounds go directly to your lungs and brain prompting neurological damage. Also, they’re carcinogenic & exposed your body to cancer and other health issues.

Fragrance oils:

Inhaling fragrance oils in a large dose can cause havoc on your respiratory system. You must steer clear of products that feature a large volume of fragrance oils. This is especially advocated to people who’re addicted to vaping. Study shows that fragrance oils are injurious to lungs & may prompt chronic lung diseases.

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