E-Cigarette And Vaporizer – What Are The Differences

Many of us find it tough to pick a vaping device that will suit us the best. Well, you cannot be blamed since there’re so many of them available in the market.

This is why here we are going to reveal some basic differences between e-cigs & vaporizers.


In terms of look e-cigs resemble tobacco cigarettes since their foremost purpose was to make people feel easy while shifting from smoking to vaping. They work pretty much the same. On the other hand, vaporizers don’t resemble conventional cigarettes.

Shape & size:

As e-cigarettes resemble typical cigarettes, they’re much smaller and compact in comparison to vaporizers.

Battery life:

E cigarettes come with smaller batteries because of which their batter lifespan is much less compared to vaporizers. On the other hand, vaporizers come with durable batteries and they’re rechargeable as well.

Refillable or not?

E cigarettes come with non-refillable cartridges that are pre-filled & can be placed in the mouthpiece. Vaporizers, on the other hand, come with refillable cartridges that can be filled with any flavourings & they don’t require to be replaced.


Since every component of an e cigarette of a different brand is different in their design, they’re not attuned with other brands.

Vaporizers, on the other hand let you modify since they’ve device components that are well-tuned with the devices of other brands as well. So, people can make their vape device as per their requirements & likings.

Start-up costs:

The start-up expenses for e cigarettes are much lower as they’re uncomplicated devices & don’t have many features.

Vaporizers, on the other side are the devices are more complicated & may require considerable investments in the start-up period.


With vaporizers you’ve the luxury to avail more flavors since you can incorporate and blend different flavours and create your own favourite blend. However, this isn’t feasible in e-cigarettes as you can’t blend or combine diverse flavours.

We’re certain that these aforementioned factors will help you in making a smarter decision on what sort of vaping devices fits your needs the best.

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