5 Juice House E-Liquid Flavors for Fruity Vape Experience

There are lots of vape juice manufacturers available offering an exquisite collection of fruit-flavored ejuices to choose from. Most vapers agree to the fact that not all fruity vape juices are created same. All vape juice flavors use different flavoring extracts, sweeteners and flavor profiles.

Fortunately, Juice House E-Liquid is a company dedicated to creating some of the finest possible fruit flavored vape juices available on the market today. As a leading name in the vaping industry, Juice House fruity vapes satisfy your taste buds and reinvigorate your vape palate like your preferred fruits.

Whatever type of vape flavors you choose, your palate will feel excited, and refreshed to the fullest. Their e-liquid collection is diverse enough to offer you something unique for your palate. Take a look at Juice House E-Liquid flavors and know what you’ve been missing out all the while vaping:

  1. Fiji Melons by Juice House

Fiji Melons is the benchmark of Juice House E-Liquid collection. This vape juice comes with exceptional Fuji apples and melons combined together with sweet flavored watermelons for ultimately fruity vape experience.

Juice House aims to use natural flavors and ingredients that make them stand out from other ejuice brands. It’s time to enjoy your life to the fullest with this natural fruity vape that will leave your taste buds fully-energized!

  1. Banana Ice by Juice House

Banana Ice is the newest flavor from Juice House lineup of vape juices. This is a completely banana flavored e-juice and is perfect option for all banana lovers. It’s tempered smoothly with a strong glaze of icy cold menthol giving you a cooling sensation while vaping.


  1. Strawberry Watermelon by Juice House

Strawberry Watermelon is all-time favorite for all vapers. Upon taking just one puff, you’ll be fully amazed. This Strawberry Watermelon vape juice by Juice House has fruity blast of sweet flavored strawberries and luscious watermelon. If you really like bubblegum flavor, then you should look no further than Strawberry Watermelon by Juice House.

  1. Fruit Punch by Juice House

Fruit Punch is one of the most innovative and gummy candy based ejuice flavors available on the market. This Juice House ejuice has sweet bursts of gummy bear flavors extracted from the masterfully crafted tropical fruit punch blends.

Fruit Punch eliquid is made with incredibly authentic recreations and pops or bold flavor. It will make you feel like you have just made a huge sugary haul from the convenience store. You won’t need to stress about calories or cavities. Instead, you will get ultimate vaping satisfaction that you long for all the while.

  1. Blue Razz by Juice House

Blue Razz vape juice is a little different from Juice House E-Liquid collection. This ejuice flavor has delicious blue raspberry taffy candy that will take your sweet tooth to a happy place. Juice House Blue Razz vape juice comes with rich in flavor and delivers powerful clouds. This Juice House flavor has everything a candy flavored vape should have.

Bottom Line –

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