E Juices from Bad Drip Labs – Full of Twists and Heavenly Flavors

Bad Drip Labs, a leading vape juice manufacturer was established in November 2014. It gained fame of “Baddest Juice Line” by launching some of most unique e-juice flavors. The crazy mixologists at Bad Drip Labs created some of the premium e-juice flavors which include, Farley’s Gnarly Sauce, Dead Lemon, Bad Apple, Don’t Care Bear and many more. Also, the packaging at Bad Drip Labs is unique where the ejuice is bundled in pharmaceutical styled bottles along with the flattering Bad Drip sham-wow.

With a motto “Suck on This”, Bad Drip Labs carefully create handcrafted e juices that have delightful flavors. Let us check out some of the premier ejuice flavors from this badass company!

Dead Lemon by Bad Drip 60ml

  • Dead Lemon by Bad Drip

The Bad Drip Dead Lemon is a vape juice with a lemony twist. This vape juice offers a delectable lemon sensation sprinkled with a sour and sweet dust. This e juice is perfect for those seeking a strong flavor. While inhaling greet your taste bud with a burst of fruity lemon flavor with a sweet sugary undertone that complements the primary lemon flavor perfectly. On the other hand while exhaling you will experience the rich blend of sweetness and sourness which ties up the entire profile smoothly. During the entire process you will enjoy a subtle and refreshing hit on the throat.

  • God Nectar by Bad Drip

Featuring an ideal blend of four rapturous tropical fruits, God Nectar by Bad Drip offers a supremely divine flavor. True to its name, this vape juice is the nectar of the God. On the inhale this premium vape juice offers a sweet citrusy flavor of orange and guava. And on the exhale you get a heavenly mix of passion fruit and mango that will definitely make you a sincere devotee of this delectable vape juice. Do try the God Nectar by Bad Drip and enjoy an otherworldly feeling.

High VG e-juice

  • Don’t Care Bear by Bad Drip

Don’t Care Bear by Bad Dripis another new introduction to the Baddest juice line up. This vape juice is a fruity sweet gummy bear along with the bursts of fruit flavor. On the inhale this vape juice offers a balanced and flavorful fruity trio. And on the exhale you get to enjoy a punch of gummy.

  • Bad Apple by Bad Trip

If you are a hardcore apple lover, then the Bad Apple by Bad Drip is the best e juice you need to try. This is an amazing apple vape that keeps you fresh and ripe the whole day. The freshly picked apple makes the flavor even more pleasant. During the inhale you enjoy a flavor like a bite of the ripe sweet red apple and on the exhale the sweetness of special green apple offers a delightful experience which turns it up a notch with the finish.


  • Farley’s Gnarly Sauce by Bad Drip

A radical mixture of strawberries and kiwis with a smooth bubble gum finish makes the Farley’s Gnarly Sauce by Bad Drip a flavorsome e juice. Enjoy the twists of strawberries and kiwis into delicious fruit nectar at the inhale and a hit of smooth bubble gum finish at the exhale.


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