Vape Tips For New Vapers

It is usual to be a little overwhelmed when you initially make the switch to vaping. Like all things, there is a learning curve to this. I am here to help you with some useful tips to get you started in the right direction.

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Disassemble your device at night:

At first glance this might look like a boring & completely meaningless task, but it is a good habit to remove your atomizer or vape tank, particularly if it was recently filled with e-juice. This will help prevent any spills or leaks that are notorious to happen from time to time. If the e-liquid come in contact with your button, or into the battery itself, this could consequence in death of the device.



Beware of cracking:

Most dependable retailers will warn you before time, but some aren’t so honest. It’s well-known around the vaping community that not all vape tanks are designed equally. This means that you mayn’t be able to use certain juices in stone tanks. This comes from the fact that there’re several plastic tanks that can break or wrap with certain e-liquids. Cinnamon and menthol e-juice flavors are the most infamous offenders of this crime.

Seeing as how the majority of starter kits come with these plastic tanks, it mainly only affect new vaper users. If you wish to be able to have access to the full range of juices available to you, I’d suggest updating to a glass tank as quickly as you can.

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Juice maintenance:

There’s actually more to you e-juices than just purchasing and vaping them. Like your mods, vaping tanks, and other atomizers; your juice needs this as well. For one, did you know that you must shake your e-juice prior to each use? This helps ensure that the PG/VG mixture & the nicotine are mixed properly, this way you’re always certain to enjoy a quality vape.

You also wish to ensure you don’t leave your e-juices anywhere that they might be hit by direct sunlight. If you are new to vaping, the nicotine is perhaps very critical to you right now, and sunlight can reduce the intensity of your nicotine, rendering you with a product you didn’t pay for.

Lastly, you shouldn’t wish to leave your bottles of e-juice open. It is all right to let your juice breath if it is too intense, but leaving the bottle open for long time will forfeit the flavor of your e-juice.

Vape Products


Vape Products

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