Everything You Need To Know About Vaping Before Getting Started

Vaping is the act of inhaling smoke-looking vapour from a vape device or an electronic cigarette. Vaping replicates smoking but in a less injurious way.

Vapes are portable electronic devices that delivers inhalable fog like vapour, usually with nicotine & different flavours. The 1st retail vape was an e-cig designed to resemble a tobacco cigarette. Created by Hon Lik, the e-cig was introduced by the China-based company, Ruyan, in the early 2000s. Then to America and Europe around 2007. Today, you can easily avail different kinds of vapes range in power, design, and vapour producing capability. The basics of their functions & use are the same as the first one made.

All vapes function on the same principle: a battery powers a heating element that vaporizes vae liquids in an atomizer. Then the user inhales the vapour via tiny mouthpiece.

The Power Source:

The power levels in a vape mod usually edict the ease of use, alongside the experienced needed to safely run them.

Low power: pod vapes, vape pens, e-cigarettes, AIOs (all-in-ones)

  • No experience needed
  • Small rechargeable battery (unless it’s a disposable electronic cigarette)
  • Normally without adjustable power
  • Concealable; ultra-portable

Medium power: AIOs (all-in-ones), tube mods, box mods

  • Some experience needed
  • Battery safety knowledge recommended
  • Medium size rechargeable battery built-in or replaceable
  • Often with adjustable power (up to 100 watts)
  • Pocketable (though hardly concealable)

High power: box mods, mechanical mods

  • Experience is mandatory
  • Multiple replaceable batteries (rarely built-in)
  • Requires battery safety knowledge
  • Pocketable (but heavy and bulky)
  • Normally with adjustable power (up to 200+ watts)

How to inhale a vape?

The way you inhale can make or break the experience especially if you are new to vaping. There’re basically 2 kinds of inhalation techniques: mouth-to-lung & direct-lung draw.

Mouth-to-lung (MTL):

Mouth to Lung will typically work best in smaller vapes with high resistance coils, using high nicotine strength. When you take a drag from these devices, regardless of the device size, it should feel like sucking air via coffee straw. This sort of draw makes low vapour and feels like the act of smoking, offering an identical type of hit to your throat that most smokers crave.

Direct Lung:

This method is suitable for larger vapes with low resistance coils, using low nicotine strength. Taking a drag on one of these devices will generally feel like sucking air through a milkshake straw. This kind of draw makes the best use of vapour and feels like taking a “bong hit”.

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