Everything You Want To Know About Vape Juice & E-Liquids

Keen minds often want to explore everything around them. To cater to the curiosity of the fundamentals of e-liquids, we have shared information below which would be helpful for the first time alongside seasoned vapers.

The basic ingredients found in any vape juice are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine, tobacco and added flavourings.

So, what is vegetable glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG)? Let’s find out:

Propylene Glycol – The use of PG is to ease the vaporization in vapes & it also for the throat hit when you inhale.

Vegetable Glycerin – Cloud formation happens with this chemical component which is known as VG. It increases vapour creation that gives smooth throat hits and adds sweetness to the mix.

A mixture of both these chemicals is generally found in our vape juice which gives the best of both. Vapers who wish an improved experience of either VG or PG with their flavor, can pick their vape juice accordingly.


A lot of things have been uttered regarding nicotine, but a very slight amount of it is discovered in vape juices. The taste of e-liquids and vape juices are made from an amalgamation of natural and artificial flavouring chemical such as:

  • Vanillin – This flavouring is extracted from a vanilla bean.
  • Tobacco absolute – When tobacco extract is employed, it offers a smoky component to tobacco based juices.
  • Ethyl Maltol – We all like this flavouring, as it’s the same flavour found in some candies and sweets. It’s an organic compound which produces sweet and bakery-like flavor.
  • Linalool – Found in many plants, flowers and essential oils, Linalool brings a herbal flavouring to the e-juice and vape liquid.
  • Malic acid – This fruity and sour flavor is naturally discovered in vegetables and fruits, which creates the same flavor effect in e liquids as well.

With more & more online stores in operation now, the vaping industry is expanding its horizon. E-liquids are best bought from specialized stores like ejuicestore.com.

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