Advantages Of Having A Fully-Integrated Project And Document Management

Project and document management are two vital aspects that project managers need to consider while making a project successful. It is impossible without software from a reputed developer to do so. If a project manager has software from ISETIA, then it is possible to have a fully-integrated project and document management in one platform.

The project manager can control everything starting from procurement planning to cost management, using this software. Let us see how this software can help project managers.


Management of 3P

One can easily manage the portfolio, program, and project with 24/7 online role-based access in the dashboard.

Process management 

Project managers can develop and manage the organizational and project-based process using RFI, Transmittals, Deliverables, Issue Log, REP, and more.

Task management

Using an agile and learn methodology, project managers can plan, assign, and follow project tasks and administrative tasks. It also helps to integrate TILOS Primavera, MSP, and Powerproject Schedules. It also helps to collect progress and track activity issues and documents.


Management of risk

A project manager can undertake effective risk management of a project using this software. The manager can register project risks, calculate impact, prioritize, assign a role to a responsible person, and follow the status.

Management of document

A project manager can manage all project documents with version control and history tracking.

Management of issues

The project manager can have the best of issue management using this software. They can identify an issue and assign someone to deal with it, and track the status.

Sharing of data

The software also allows a project manager to share the necessary data with stakeholders to understand better.


It is also possible for a project manager to develop a project report, and there it with management and stakeholders.

Management of expense

Managing expenses is a big headache for project managers. This software helps project managers to have the best of expense management. They can have a comparison between the planned and actual cost and track project cost using online methods.

The cost control software can help project managers with activities like planning, estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs. They can form the report in a tabular, linear, pie chart, and other types of reports. They can even attach documents. The uniqueness of the software is such that one can tailor it according to the requirements of a particular organization. It offers a project manager effective control over the budget.


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